Friday, July 07, 2006

Pet peeve number 9

number 9, number 9

So here's an annoying thing that keeps recurring in my life. I try to enroll in a music psych course but need instructor approval. I email the prof. No response. I try to enroll in an English creative writing course, but need approval. I write the instructor but no response. I try to enroll in a neuropsychology course but need instructor approval. You get the trend. Basically, if you are not in their department, people will do their best to keep you out.

On a related matter, I had an old friend call me a couple weeks back with an excited voice mail, "how you doing, man, been so long, here are my phone numbers." I call all of them back the next day twice. Haven't heard back yet. Similarly, an old college friend finds my email and sends a message, "tell me everything that's going on." I do. No response. Another person is moving to Hawaii and wants info about the school I taught in last year. I write back multiple paragraphs. No response.



-E said...

yeah i know, i hate it when people say they are going to comment on alice in wonderland soon and don't... (pointed look at you paca)

katze said...

Ah, yes, and this is why I stopped making phone calls and started showing up at office hours... I don't understand the need to be so territorial about classes.