Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Alive I Am

Wow, how long has it been? Obviously I stopped blogging... don't quite know whether I'll pick it up again regularly or not. I gave Paca the OK to move on without me, should he so desires.

What I like about blogging is having a forum to express myself. I guess that's the great promise fulfilled of the internet. It has completely destroyed traditional distribution models of everything, including opinion. To make yourself heard in the past you had to speak or write compellingly enough to win space in a paper or on television/radio. Now anyone can voice his or her opinion to the world. Whether anyone will listen, however, is still dependent upon the message.

What I don't like about blogging is the sense of... how to say... always feeding the beast. I like to post when I like to post, and I don't like to post when I feel I have to. But, of course, readers don't nescessarily like to wait for some whim of my fancy to read. Actually, if you guys were just readers, I probably wouldn't care if you waited till your teeth fall out; but since we are friends, and reading not because I am particulary insightful but because, well, we are friends, it seems a bit rude not to blog.

So what am I up to? It's amazing, time is growing short here in Bangkok. In a little more than 3 months I'll be finished with this job. It's been a great time; I've learned alot, met some very cool people... I have no regrets at all, I'm very glad I came. But what's next? I don't know. Shannon has helped me with my resume, and I'm starting to look around. I would very much enjoy either staying here or moving back to the US. I think my first choice is coming back home, but the reality is that I'll go whereever I can find a good job. What is a good job? Shannon, upon reading the "objectives" statement on my resume, commented that it was to broad. But the fact is that I'm not particular what field I end up in... what's important to me right now is to start the process of "settling down." I'm 33, and very much into the beginning of being a real adult; heck, most of you are married with kids. I'm not so much into travelling around the world by myself anymore... it's time to find someplace and stick. So that's my objective... to find a job that I can stick to.

The love life is as it always is... I have a date with someone new on Saturday... but I haven't really been able to attach to anyone since I broke up with Jah. She's returned to Bangkok, btw... found some job in an office. I don't really understand it. I feel a little sad for her, actually; I think part of the reason she moved to Bangkok was because she knew this girlfriend of hers and me. But I have been unwilling to put forth the kind of effort she wants to "make up", and her girlfriend has found a boyfriend and has virtually disappeared; so Jah is mostly alone. She may have found a guy, I'm not sure... but when we talk on the phone she sounds unhappy. I hope things work out.

I've been to Bangladesh twice since I last wrote, and will go again in probably 2 or 3 weeks. The program I was working for is written, but I'm still in the debug process, so I can't wipe my hands of it completely. We are also launching a similar program in Vietnam... should we decide to install the software there, then I'll probably have more than 3 months of work for me. I'll be curious to see how Mike and TASC react in that situation.


pacatrue said...
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Anonymous said...

so, u've stopped blogging, what about iming o emailing, some of here miss u here more than u know :-)


kristybox said...

We miss you.