Friday, August 11, 2006

The great class debate (paca)

As always, there are far more courses that I would like to take than I can in fact take. Here is the list of what's under serious consideration for this fall (which starts on August 21).

Acoustic Phonetics - mostly an intro to acoustics and audition as related to speech - this is a certain one.

Learning Algorithms - this is a Comp Sci course about computer learning, which is important to me because I want to do simulations of computers acquiring language. If I don't take this, because I may not be qualified, I will be doing an independent study on the topic with a Ling prof. I've written the comp prof, but not shockingly she hasn't responded. That was a pet peeve a few weeks back.

Intro to Neurobiology - This is what it says. It would be useful for the mentioned simulations of language learning. The main problem is it is of course not focused on language per se.

Music Theory I - I audited this my first term here 2 years ago now. I would perhaps take it for real this time and even do the homework. If I am going to do music/ling psychology, I have to know how to talk about music.

French 202 - I will be taking some French course. It will most likely be this second semester of year 2. I have dreams of exempting 202 as well and then taking either French Phonetics or French conversation, but that depends on me studying well for the French exemption exam, and so far I've just been playing catch up on my job - and surfing too many blogs.

Pattern Recognition - also in the computer science department. Same idea as the Learning Algorithms exept focusing exactly on patterns. Problem - requires elementary probability theory, which I again lack. The prof is interesting in that she builds cortical models of visual recognition.

What is cool about this list of courses for me is its breadth(sp?) - Ling, French, Music, CS, Neuro. That's what I like. And they are actually focused on my topic of research, believe it or not, because I want to build neural network simulations of intonation and music. To translate that research topic into a list of departments, I want to build Neurobiology Computer Science of Linguistics and Music. If I take some of these courses, I will probably have to do pass/fail, because there's a slim chance I'd get an A in Learning Algorithms.


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Just reading your potential course list makes me feel stupid.

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