Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is this all OK for a 3 year old? (paca)

Little B has a foam sword that he sleeps with. He asks for it first thing in the morning and he asks to get it back when you pick him up at day care. It's his Grayskull sword, and he holds it and recites the opening sequence to He-Man. "I am Adam, Prince of Eternia, Defender of the secrets of castle grayskull." He even does the motions for both "Hold aloft my magic sword and said..." and "I have the power!!!!" This morning he woke up calling for Teela (N's He-Man name). When I went to see him he said, "Not you, Battle Cat." This isn't too much He-Man is it? Really this foam sword is the first favorite toy he's ever had for more than a couple days. He's never carried around a stuffed animal.


kristybox said...

Ah, he has a lovely. Okay, it's a sword. But it could be worse.

Anonymous said...

i think it rocks, he's on the way to nerddom like the rest of us and what about that white polar bear i gave him? u sent me a video of him dancing with it and told me he carried it everywhere? i see how seekny ur being, but anyways, thet fact ur showing him he-man is great, u truly are he coolest dad ever!!! okay, benj is the coolest too, ( ur better, keep up the good work ;-)) lol, this is awesome! is he old enough fr franglerock too, i've been waiting for him to be old enough to send it to him.


pacatrue said...

Fragglerock. I don't quite think so yet. We have the Muppets Season One, and he's not quite ready for it yet. I am assuming that Fragglerock is about the same level? Maybe for his 4th or 5th, he will be ready for it.

As for the bear, I wasn't making that up back then. The sword thing has just lasted longer. He was attached to the bear for a couple weeks, but he's been attached to this sword for more than a month. He still sleeps with bear - and his sword. But only the sword comes out of the bed with him.