Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A night of old things returned (paca)

Quick note: We have 2-3 new people who seem to be stopping by, I believe, from some of the writer blogs I frequent. First, welcome. Second, this is a two person blog - myself, the pacatrue, and not myself, the killer llama. That might help make it clear why one post talks about a mother and a 3 year old and the next talks about a nice date that probably has no future.

To the post.

Tonight the 29th was indeed my birthday and it was a low-key pleasant affair. To start the theme, I am today 33, which makes me a bit older than I was the day before. (Of course, every day I am exactly one day older than the day before.) N, B, and I went out to that local Hawaiian joint known as TGI Fridays. I was in search of french onion soup. One weird thing I did while there was have a strawberry margarita. Except for sipping a little wine, I think it is the first alcoholic drink I've had in a couple years. Not because I purposefully abstain, it's just that alcohol has never done much for me. My favorite way to have fun is dry wit (or geek humor as you wish) and after one margarita, I'm not much good in the way of wit. Anyway, I had a drink and it was a nice thing to do.

After dinner we came home for presents. I am now the proud owner of Godzilla vs Mothra, which we have already watched as of about 3 hours ago. I remember the old Gojira flicks as a kid and it was a nice idea of N's. I think I got in some trouble for playing a computer game during the movie, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

We had a few other lovely presents, such as macadamia nuts (what's a celebration without mac nuts for paca?), the second season of He-Man on DVD, and a little holder for my iPod. So thanks, N.

I also just spent about three hours playing a computer game. I know for many of you, you are thinking, "uhhhh, so?" Well, I haven't played a computer game for more than about 5 minutes at least since we moved to Hawaii. It was another nice pleasure from the past returned for one evening. Next thing you know I will be watching some TV for adults. With two exceptions where I saw some Regis and Tony Danza, which are more like having a transcranial magnet stuck on your occipital lobe than adult TV, I haven't watched TV either. I think I will save that up for next birthday.

On a final old thing returned note, on Monday a co-worker/friend whose paper I have been editing came over with her mom visiting from Korea for dinner. That was the first time someone has been over for dinner since I think the spring of last year. B was killer excited. It was a very quick sort of affair. I picked them up at 6:45 and we were headed back to their place at 7:45. But her mom is not a person who stays out late anymore apparently. We seem to have been a success because we are being treated to a Korean restaurant on Saturday and the mother wants to take care of B some evening before she is gone.

Crap! I am lying to you. I watched some of a football game in the fall of 2004.


Sammy Jankis said...

That sounds like a pretty cool birthday to me. K and I hardly ever drink, but we've started a somewhat annual tradition of having some strawberry margaritas on our birthday each year. Unfortunately, our birthdays are only 5 days apart so it means we are FORCED to eat out at our favorite mexican restaurant twice within a week. The horror!

pacatrue said...

Oh the humanity!!!