Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quick Hits (paca)

1) Today was the first day of school for both me and little B. Not as big of a deal for me, as I was taking French for the spring semester a whopping 10 days ago. But today B, who is 3.5, switched over from his Auntie of two years to his new preschool the University Children's Center. He seems to have done just fine. He waved goodbye to N this morning as he read a book, while some other girl was screaming when her mom left. We took him for, I think, 3 visits before today's class, so he had a little chance to adjust. Also, I guess he's just pretty laid back.

2) My classes have ended up being Learning Algorithms in Computer Sci, French Phonetics, Acoustic Phonetics, and Music Theory. 4 classes, 4 departments. I might drop the music theory still. We will see.

3) I am remarkably detached from my department. Maybe it's my personality, my own office, or my outside school life with a family, but I don't really participate in the social life of grad students. I discovered today that one of the students I was closer to got married two months ago. Shows you how close I am. I get along pretty decently with another fellow student whose dissertation I am editing, but she's going to head back to Korea in a couple months. Whatever.

4) I heard from the llama. He is alive. He mentioned perhaps posting in a few days, so I will wait for him to speak before I do.

5) Sis C, I love ya, but I can barely understand your writing in the comments. But I am happy you dropped back by. Missed ya.

6) I seem to have issues with advisors. As an undergrad, I studied Chinese history. When it came time to do my senior thesis, guess which prof went on sabbatical my senior year. The one chinese history prof. My current advisor just took off for India for the fall. The guy I wanted to do a independent study with next spring, who could be my advisor... taking next spring off from teaching. I have absolutely no idea who is going to be my chair. The problem is my damn independent thought. I don't do exactly what anyone else here does. I need to just copy the research program of one of the profs, so I can start the co-publishing route. Whatever.

7) If I am sounding a little bitter. I'm just tired. Got home from the office at 2:30 last night. Working late today, but probably no longer than midnight.


Anonymous said...

what didn't u understand?


pacatrue said...

lol, I actually did understand. I just had to fight through the lack of periods, the internet abbreviations, and the typos. So while I got it, I had to work at it. That's what I was teasing you about.

katze said...

re: #6

That happened to me too. And the jerk didn't even tell me (as if he didn't KNOW he was leaving on a year's sabbatical?!). I just got back to the States after spending 5 months in Germany researching the topic, only to find he was gone and not coming back. I ended up writing the thesis without an advisor. Ah, well.

Anway, I hope you and B both have good semesters!