Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The search begins (Llama)...

It's hard to believe but my time here at TASC is ending in about three months. Does that mean I'll leave Bangkok? Probably, but not definately. I've started the search... got my resume updated and have already sent it off twice. The first time didn't really count; it was for a plum research assistant position for the UN based in Geneva. I had no chance, even though I was qualified. But today I also sent one out to a private consulting company that specializes in development work. Something may come of that... we'll see.

An issue I wasn't expecting to face is that of time. It seems to me like 3 months is practically tomorrow, but most of the jobs that I'm seeing are looking for someone to start in a month or less. I guess that makes sense, but not so convenient for me. I'd rather not have only a month to go here and still not have something lined up. I expect that to be the case, however. I hope my sister hasn't rented out the spare bedroom yet :)

I think I mentioned in my last update that I had a date last weekend... that went well enough that we are doing it again this weekend. Too much beer though left me with a headache on Saturday. Anyway she's a sweety but there's really not much chance of long-term, which is good since I'm most likely leaving. One thing that's a bit odd is that she speaks even less English than usual, so communicating anything complex is convoluted at best. Truly her English is about as good as my Thai. But that's ok... it forces me to really listen to her.



Sammy Jankis said...

PLEASE come on back down for a few weeks and visit! We all miss you around here. Well, the few of us that are left.

sr said...

you can always have the spare room-- after all, it is still "uncle tom's room".

also, i mentioned your job search and experience to a friend of mine and she thinks you should apply to the CDC- they do alot of survey work. they are also funding work through Louisiana Public Health Institure (in NO), so you may want to check that out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, dude. Parts of our own country/state are pretty much "developing-country" status at the moment, and they could use your skills. I hear pay is pretty excellent in the greater NO area, especially if you could commute from the BR area.

Tony S.

Kat Campbell said...

How exciting to have a new challenge to look forward to! Good luck on the job hunt!