Saturday, September 09, 2006

Amazing coincidences and imagination (paca)

The most amazing coincidence in my life was probably high school. As most of you long-time listeners, first time callers might remember, I went to a boarding school in New Jersey for high school, maybe an hour from Manhattan. As part of an arts program, I once went on a field trip too see the musical "Into the Woods" on Broadway. While hanging out with several hundred other people during intermission, I looked over and saw my uncle and grandmother - from Texas. My uncle was an associate dean or some similar title at UT-Austin for many years and he lead alumni groups on arts trips around the world. And so they were there in New York, at this show, standing near enough to me to be seen, on the same day, just by chance.

Today, I had another great stroke of good fortune. I take B home most days on the back of my bike. On Wednesday, we got home and one of his shoes was gone. I looked outside the door, but no dice. The good news is that they are cheap shoes and we can get another pair. So today - Friday morning - B and I are headed to school, and what's lying right in the bike lane (a bike lane we were not in on Wednesday, but at least it was the same street)? So now we have both shoes back.

In other news, I was just walking from my employer's office to mine with a small knife for cutting cheese. I saw two women walking towards me on the walkway and I suddenly felt a bit weird going towards them with a knife in my hand. So I sort of flipped it upwards to conceal it. Then it felt stranger because I was a 30-something white male (read, serial killer) standing there concealing a knife. I could only imagine it being one of my 1:00 AM nights and me with a chef's knife for some reason instead. They would've ended up screaming and running away to hit the blue security light, or I would have ended up with a can of mace shoved up my....

As it was, I was just going to slice some Brie with an active imagination.


Kat Campbell said...

I love coincidences. On the day after I was born, my husbands mother held her 18 month old son up to the viewing window of the hospital and told him to "have a last look,you'll never have to date any of these CA girls". 25 years later he and I met in Lousiana, fell in love and got married. It is more than likely I was one of the babies behind that window.

kristybox said...

We flew into Puerto Rico for our honeymoon cruise. As were arrived at the airport, a couple who had been invited to our wedding but hadn't attended happened to be there. They had just gotten off of our cruise ship! They told us how to win prizes at the little "get to know you" events, and I got some cute pearls!