Monday, September 18, 2006

Drugs or sex? (paca)

B and I were playing on a baseball field in a park on Saturday. B was face down in the dirt near the pitcher's mound making dirt angels (or dirt swimming if you will) when I saw an interesting transaction take place. A man on a bike with a loaded basket came from one direction in the park towards the public restroom there. Another man from a white van came from the opposite direction. Without a word that I could hear (and they were a good ways away on the other side of a large fence) Man 1 rides his bicycle right into the bathroom, while Man 2 walks in right on his heels, or err tires.

I largely forget about them at this point, because hey two men going to the bathroom isn't very interesting. B keeps exploring the crevices in which he can smear red dirt onto his body.

About 15 minutes later, maybe 20, B and I are playing "toss the ball, watch it bounce, and go 'ahhh' in a high pitch each time it hits the ground" together, and I look up, and here come the two guys out of the bathroom together. Man 1 rides off in the direction he came from and Man 2 goes back to his van and leaves.

I have only two ideas for what I saw - drug deal or a little sex on the down low. I can't really imagine a drug deal taking 20 minutes, so I'm going with the sex idea. However, I never really thought of random bathroom sex taking 20 minutes either. 20 minutes sounds at least friendly, if not loving, and this looks like a quickie except for the time.

So what are the votes? What did I witness? I guess trading sex for drugs is always a possibility. What are some others?


-E said...

hiring a hit man?

katze said...

I vote for a clandestine book club, but neither of them had read the book, so they spent 20 minutes bluffing, then gave up and decided to try again next month with a different selection.

Sammy Jankis said...

Was the white van an ice cream truck? If so, it was the CIA Ice Cream Truck Driving M-Fer meeting with an informant. It not, I vote for a little give AND take.

John said...

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. The CIAICTDMF has been on to us for years. The CIA owns at least two trucks, or so I recall from the Big Book of Conspiracies. Even if it wasn't a white ice cream truck it could have been the CIAICTDMF. Kennedy, King, Lennon...who's next?

kristybox said...

Ah, Sammy is so generous, assuming give AND take. ;)