Thursday, September 07, 2006

Me and Bobby McB (paca)

Did you know that freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose?

It's clearly been light blogging of late, but things are going on in my life. The big change right now is that N is in Las Vegas from Tuesday to Friday, so it's just me and the B (who is not named Bobby). N will be happy to know that B has officially started missing her - about one hour after he completely ignored her on the phone, depressing her to no end. But during his bath, he called out for maman to come wrap him up in the towel, but there was no maman to come. He explained to me that she was working, which is pretty much right, since she's at a conference.

But we are doing fine. I'm actually supposed to have babysitters tomorrow night. A fellow student who just turned in her dissertation today that I have been helping with editing (and really just explaining what her profs are saying in their comments), and her visiting mom, are going to hang in the apartment from 7:00 - 9:00 tomorrow, while I go to a cafe with a book. The student says she has never watched children much, so I wonder how she will handle the potty trips? Hopefully the mom can deal with pulling a child's pants up and down without too much embarassment. We've actually had our greatest social life in a while with this pair. I invited them to dinner here a couple weeks ago, and then they treated us to a Korean restaurant on Sunday, followed now by babysitting. Go me and my social self.

Here's a completely frivolous note. The less acculturated (is that a word?) someone from Asia studying or working in the U.S. is, the more concerned they will be at a meal about whether or not you the American are capable of using chopsticks. I think this comes from the fact that they still see large differences between their culture and the visiting culture, and so they assume me as different will not be able to use chopsticks. When the same student feels very at home in the U.S, they start forgetting about cultural stereotypes. While the hopeless chopstick users is frequently a fair assumption with American tourists in Korea or Taiwan (the homes of my amazing sample of two people), it is not a good assumption at all in Hawaii. B is three and picks up chopsticks periodically, though they are mostly spears for him at this point.

Paca's wit and wisdom of the day:

The difference between a good parent and a bad parent is 8 hours of sleep.

So I'm headed to bed now. I've got a book on Information Theory, so I'll be out in 5 minutes.

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