Friday, September 22, 2006

School pictures (paca)

Ahh, school pictures. I remember them fondly. Sitting in front of a tarp or screen in a shirt I hadn't worn in 6 months holding a large book, or frequently, a prop of a book. Well, now it is B's turn. If you want to see B's first school pictures, you can follow this link here. B is the one in the 5th (and 6th) row in the sort of plaid shirt with blonde hair. There are a couple other kids, right around him, who are close to blonde, but B is the fairest (in hair, and ok, he is the cutest of them all, but "Anue-kan" is pretty cute too, as is "Anue-Lee, J5"). And if you are wondering what "Anue" is, Anuenue is B's class name and means rainbow. Oh, and B's last name is spelled wrong, but you can probably guess the error.


Killer Llama said...

Holy cow, he's getting old! I still picture him toddling around, barely walking! I truly regret not being around him as he grows up. Ah, well. I consider myself fortunate to have spent as much as my adult life with you as I have.

J said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing them.

Sammy Jankis said...

Good looking boy. I also like what that photographer did for school photos. He or she really allowed the kids to display some personality. Every school photo I ever took each student was required to sit in the same exact pose, at the same angle and only a single photo was taken. I hope what your photographer did is a trend now.