Thursday, October 12, 2006

Challenge Results

I am editing this post because my links have been picked up by Google Image search somehow. I don't really know how, since all I did was link. But it has and I am getting 200 hits a day from it which is driving me insance, as it swamps any and all other statistics. I don't think this will help either, because it will be in Google Cache for some time, but, well, I gotta try something to make them all go away.

Now, this didn't turn out quite like I expected in that 1) the submissions were few, 2) they were all from women, and 3) all the submitters were in my family. So what we really ended up with here is women selecting pictures of women for women to vote on.

Works for me.

Since there are only a small number of pictures, I will post links to all of them in no particular order.


Despite the fact that I previously admitted to being infatuated with Laetitia Casta in the mid 90's, I had no hand in choosing this whatsoever. Warning, before clicking the link, this pic is sort of artistic semi-nude. Maybe open at home.


So, dear readers of this blog, are they attractive? Moreover, are they attractive to you? You may certainly post anonymously if you wish to get carried away. Getting carried away is encouraged as the purpose of this "Challenge" was to be silly. After all, I am the one who posted earler about how attractive a world-changing accomplishment like winning the Nobel Peace Prize is.

By the way, I notice some common characteristics about our four women, besides being actresses or models, what do you see?


-E said...

they are all very lovely. well, i don't know about the semi-nude one... i am at work so i didn't look at it.

hot? yeah i guess. i'm not drooling or lusting after them though. but i was never that way about boys in my teenage years either... boy crazy is what my mom called it.

um, i guess i am the wrong person to ask.

kristybox said...

I think this does teach us something about men - at least the ones who read this blog - they are slackers!