Thursday, October 12, 2006

Goat Skin Pants theme song (paca)

I'm really pretty damn excited about this. Here we have a link to the brand spanking new "Goat Skin Pants - the Theme Song."

No, really. Here it is. It's a 5 meg mp3 file.

I created it in Apple's Garage Band music software. It's basically 9 tracks, 32 different Apple loops, and a lot of me being silly on vocals. Since everything is made of loops that are only a few measures long, you can't do melody, so I had to keep things interesting by fading in and out various voices.

For better or for worse, except for some echo, all the voices are just me hovering right over my Mac's microphone. No other processing. The closest to my natural voice is perhaps the middle section which is my homage to Falco's Rock Me Amadeus. Or perhaps three words at the very, very, very end. Otherwise, I'm always trying to do something a bit weird.

I hope you enjoy it. I was going for delightfully awful (but I managed to find a couple really nice grooves along the way). I think it is best loud, so if you have headphones, try them out instead of a tinny computer speaker.

And when you get to the last section, the answer is English, Chinese, Thai, French, and Japanese. In that order. Then mixed up again.


-E said...

DUDE! that was funny, seriously. i liked the pacalama at the beginning and the "did you forget the word pants" part.
the maaas nearly had me on the floor.

pacatrue said...

Thanks, e! It was rather liberating since I didn't have to come up lyrics that made any sense at all. I just got to make animal noises and repeat three word phrases over and over.

Killer Llama said...

That is priceless, Paca. How long did this take you to make?

pacatrue said...

Nothing a good 10-12 hours wouldn't accomplish. It was very important for my work schedule to finish this, namely I couldn't get any work done until it was done. I've been very productive since last night at 2:00 AM.

Anonymous said...

That was , how do u say,...%$^*&$ brillant!! it was somewhere between The monkees "Head" and Werid Al, i love it!! very creative. keep up the good work brother!

and the groves were quite good i like how it kept the same rythum but the tops kept changing. Nicely done.


-E said...

is there some sort of sublimnal message in there compelling me to listen to this over and over?

pacatrue said...

It's the groove! I can't get enough of the bit where the rain storm starts, the person asks about forgetting the word "pants" and then the funk guitar followed by the beat comes in.

I'm not supposed to say that as the creator, I know. But, hey, it's a killer beat to me.

-E said...

that's my favorite part too! from where that other music comes in in the middle of your history to where that funk beat comes in after the "pants". the funk beat makes me want to dance a little.

Anonymous said...

Most excellent. I'm quite impressed. Having done some (halting) work with sequencer software and recordings before, I know how trying it can be to get everything that polished sounding. Good work.

Tony S. (friend of the Llama.)

kristybox said...

Seriously, that song made my week. LMAO!!!