Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Green curry in pictures

Here are the pictures from Monday's "simple green curry". First up, we have the cake tin with the removable bottom all set and ready to go, lined nicely with two layers of aluminum foil. Remember this. It's important later.

I didn't want to wait to defrost the chicken, so I dumped these three thigh pieces in frozen.

And here are our lovely ingredients. OK, it barely, barely all fit in here. That's one big honking potato. Obviously, a very natural modification to this recipe is to leave the potato out and cook a bed of rice.

Ingredients chopped.

Below we have our famous green curry paste. Add a teaspoon or two, depending on your love of spice. Those Thai Kitchen guys should send me a check for this.

What should be next is a lovely picture of all the ingredients in the cake tin, all nice and green, right before the cover of aluminum foil goes on top for baking. However, in this case, remember that cake tin with the removable bottom? Apparently, it leaks. So the next step here is to notice a huge pool of coconut milk and chicken broth all over your counter. You dump everything in the first big pot you can find. And you curse at something. But it all tastes OK anyway. Oh, I'd stir a couple time while cooking. The length of time will depend on how big a portion you are making.

P.S. The table cloth there was brought to you by B. It's one of his paintings. Also, the ingredients may not be clear. That's potato, carrot, mushrooms, green onion, and fresh basil.

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