Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm becoming British (paca)

I keep finding myself wanting to write like I have a summer flat in Oxford - England, not Mississippi, where I did live for 2 years and some. I wanted to write an email to someone yesterday to say that I had "posted" the letter she requested. I want to spell "humour" and "colour". I get confused on whether a word should have an 's' or a 'z' in it. I'm beginning to say 'cheers' regularly as a goodbye. At least, I do say 'howdy' for hello. Someone shoot me though if I start saying "sshhedule" for "schedule". There's a bleeding 'c' in the word for a reason.

Well, tally-ho. My flat is dark and I can't find a torch to get from the loo over to the lift.


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kristybox said...

Sammy J is into "true that." This tv show sucks. True that. I want a steak. True that. That guys an idiot. True that.

One more true that and he's out of here! :)