Monday, October 23, 2006

The Liberals Will Sell You Out (paca)

N's mother has twice now given N and I a subscription to The Sun Magazine, which publishes poems, photography, short stories, interviews, and personal essays. They are a bit on the left so that if someone writes a letter to the editor espousing a mainstream Democratic view, they are likely to be criticized as right-winger in the next issue. Anyway, it's a literary magazine that obviously N's maman thinks highly of. She is into that sort of thing. She used to be a French prof; worked to get a famous Moroccan poet to come give talks, etc. Basically, she thinks highly of art, reading, literature, ... Crazy stuff like that. Whenever she signs us up for the mag, she typically puts both our names on it, so the thing comes with a highly unusual form of address with 3-5 words in the name.

Due to this, it is clear that the Sun will sell their mailing list to anyone who wants it. Or at least we are now on the official "bleeding liberal" mailing list. Whenever the subscription begins, a few weeks later, we start getting letters from NOW, Amnesty International, the ACLU, etc., all with the weird Sun names for us. A few days ago, we received a catalog whose title seems to be "Make Art not War: Vote the Rightists Out, US Out of Iraq, Choose Choice, How to End Global Warming." Inside, it's a million and one ways to turn your political and social views into bumper stickers, posters, t-shirts, etc. It covers a hundred issues from immigration to feminism to native american rights to anti-war to Bush sucks to unions to global warming and all right down the liberal list. One interesting bit is how certain opinions on all of these matters are supposed to be shared among those with a liberal bent, when really, what should your interpretation of climate models have anything to do with your view on reproductive rights?. Makes me re-think whether or not I, with my "objective" personality (see below), really have reasoned beliefs or just rationalized ones.

In the end, though, if the choice is between being on a conservative list and receiving ads from Dobson at the Family Research Council or being on the liberal one and getting stuff from Doctors Without Borders and Human Rights Watch, then I'll choose the liberal one for now. I can always toss the catalog for Che Guevarra t-shirts in the garbage.

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