Monday, October 23, 2006

Notices from child care (paca)

B has been at his new daycare since August and still seems to enjoy it. We call it playground school, since it has a big playground out front. The main problem with it is that they follow the university schedule exactly, which means they close for 2-3 weeks for Christmas. In theory this would be fine, but I work through university breaks, so we will be paying additional child care during that time.

Anyway, one remarkable thing the school does is every day they send out an email to all the parents saying what the class did that day. Each student is listed in at least one sentence saying some activity they were engaged in during the day. N seems to love these emails. She mentioned today that she was going through withdrawal over the last few days without access to them. Myself, I scan for B's name and then ignore the entire rest of the email. I don't need to know that Akele finger-painted today. This of course means that I am a horrible father, which I've always known. I would love to post one of the daily emails for you, but since they are full of children's names, I guess I won't. Each one has a subject heading like "Marvelous Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Theoturgical Thursday, etc." Is theoturgical actually a word? Will you accept Thorasic Thursday? Thelonious Thursday? Thermidor Thursday?

The school also sends on Sunday the "preview of the week". Since this is name free, I will post it for you:

October 23 – October 27
Preview of the week…

In the construction corner, the natural elements will remain in the block area for another week. Having the natural elements reside for a while creates a sense of challenge that some children crave in their creative creations. Other children might take a little more time to feel comfortable incorporating the natural elements in their block building. While for others, the natural elements and the blocks provide a sense of comfort and security.
Constructing with the colored flexi blocks will also resume for another week at the sensory/science table. There are so many opportunities for learning, the colored flexi blocks provide with connecting, stacking, designing, sorting, language, etc… Just like the other centers and activities the list can go on and on for opportunities of learning through play. In the art area, at the easel, we will continue collaborative painting with the lime green paint on a large mural. The children enjoy painting all over the paper without individual paper limits. At the art table, we will also carry over the collaborative work by continuing with mural drawing with thick markers. As for the collage table food stickers on a tablecloth will be available. The food stickers will attract the children to take a closer look and peeling off the stickers will assist the children in exercising their fine motor skills. On the menu for this week will be delicious Life cereal and icy cold milk
at the food table.

The children have a blast nurturing the garden with tons and tons of water and love. This week we will be planting pumpkin seeds in pots donated from our decorative pumpkin in the class. If you have the time, stop by and lend a green thumb to in our gardening expedition. Beautiful music can be heard as the children compose songs they create while experimenting playing the xylophone on the deck under the big, shady tree.

Extend the knowledge from school to home we will be enhancing these words at our food table:

Stay balanced,

Teacher Names Here

Paca again:

It's good I don't write these. My email would be something like, "We're going to have some blocks out and some paper stuck to a wall. Mary's bringing in a couple boxes of cereal that she got at Sam's super cheap this week. We'll be practicing the word 'no', 'stop', 'don't do that' and 'WTF are you doing?!'."

Oh, yeah. Man, I'm tired. It's fun to see the ornery paca coming out. And yes by and large this is my ornery side. I actually do have a temper, but usually it bursts and disappears in about 10 seconds. Far too short to sustain over a blog entry. The only way it sticks around is if I bottle it up and brood, which I'm decent at doing. But if I were to start cursing in a blog entry, well, then I wouldn't be bottling it up.

Damn it.

I so need to get over my meta-humor.

Right after college, my dad paid for me to take a battery of psychological tests from the Johnson O'Conner company, which are supposed to be good at discovering your natural abilities and limitations. In theory, people who find employment that lets them frequently utilize their natural talents are happier. I found it interesting and useful and if someone else is paying the significant bill, then I can recommend it. I killed on number series (you know, continue this: 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, ..., or, 2, 3, 5, 9, 17, ...), something musical/auditory, a vocab test, and I have an "objective" personality, which means that I can see both sides to an issue pretty clearly. Recommended occupations were economics, management I think, interpretation, music, etc. I did miserably at assembling some 3-D puzzle piece where I had to envision in my head where things should go and rotate the image and the like. I scored like 15% on that, meaning virtually everyone is better at it. I also bombed on inductive logic of some sort. This surprised me, as the very thing I do well in academia is reading massive amounts of data and finding a pattern. Anyway, the point of all this? My objective personality, in their sense, is so strong I cannot but see not just two sides of an issue, I also always move up to the meta-view of it, and then move up another level to make fun of my meta-level.

Back to work.

Maybe that should be my tagline.

P.S. I remember N getting angry with me once back when I was getting my philosophy degree because I just didn't have or couldn't give an opinion on some matter of personal importance. I always thought at the time that this was my philosophy training gone awry: I was becoming a skeptic about my own ability to know anything. It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is. (By the way, there are at least three different meanings to that word, and probably more.) But it might have been the "objective" personality coming through. Since I can frequently see the other person's point of view and understand it, it makes it harder to just act.

On the other hand, maybe I was just lazy.

See, meta-humor.

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kristybox said...

I would definitely send Ander to your daycare. I found myself explaining to my 7 month old just the other day that when Mommy says "f*ck," she doesn't mean that he can use that word in front of Mommy, because out of respect for Mommy, he should save it for behind close doors where Mommy can pretend he never says it, unless, of course, he reinjures his hurt knee like Mommy just did, in which case f*ck is totally appropriate, evne in front of Mommy. :/