Monday, October 30, 2006

Pirate Pooh (paca)

On Sunday, there was a Halloween party at B's daycare, known by us as "playground school". We went out Friday night looking for costumes and B chose Winnie all by himself. This morning, however, he saw my pirate earring and his sword and added them to the collection to make Pirate Pooh. Note the gold earring on his ear. The sword is the one I've mentioned before that has been his favorite toy for a long while.

Next up we have N and B. N's fairy wings kept flopping to the side. She also made paper flowers which once were stuck all over her, but they kept falling off.

And here we have me as a pirate - without the earring and sword - and B. We are decorating pumpkins with crayons and stickers.

And the whole family. I actually didn't have this goatee until Saturday. I remembered I was going to be a pirate when shaving, so I left it.

Here are some of the other kids who were there. Cavegirls...

I think we counted 6 Spidermans. But here we have... Percy Shelley? It is a university day care.

And here are Batman and a Princess. N informed me that the girls in pink dresses with wings are fairies and the girls in pink dresses with crowns are princessi. There were a LOT of pink dresses.

They had Trick or Treat Street which were boxes and houses lined up from wich they give away treats. I got put in one and when B saw me, he joined. He was actually very, very helpful and seemed to like giving out treats more than getting them. We are giving out little things of playdough. Maybe if it had been chocolate, it would have been different. From the inside...

Looking in from without.

And the view from without

B closeup at home later

And me and B in the kitchen. I liked this pic of me. N says my eyes look expressionless or dead or zombie-like. But then I am an eighth zombie. B is not covering his eyes here. He is taking a picture with his 1 mm long eraser shaped like an ice cream cone. You go, imaginative son!

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kristybox said...

Love the pics. N does exist. She really does. Yippee!