Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Visa renewal (Llama)

First of all, glad to hear Paca and family survived the earthquake.

We've had some flooding here in Bangkok; I tried to take some pictures, but the worst of it occured at night and I couldn't get a good shot. That one night I wound up wading the 1/2 mile or so between the office and my apartment. The deepest spots were about mid-calf height, or about 1 foot. Keep in mind this is in one of the wealthiest, most touristy area of Bangkok that they usually do their best to keep dry.

Finally, today I went to renew my Visa. The whole thing, including lawyers fees, will total about 700 dollars. 50 of that is designated "special service"... which, in American parlance means "bribe."



kristybox said...


-E said...

how long will this new visa last you, at least a year or two i hope?

pacatrue said...

Can graft be officially designated? Seems that changes it from a bribe to a "fee".

$700 for a visa is a nice racket.

Anonymous said...

It has been said: If you give someone the money before he does the work, or performs, it is a bribe. If you give it afterwards, it is a thank you gift. Thought this point of view might interest you. muffy