Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Big Day (paca)

So big day tomorrow professional wise. OK, I guess it's really a medium day. Anyway, the Acoustic Society of America conference is in Honolulu from Tuesday until Saturday. It's joint meeting this year with the Acoustic Society of Japan and it's a pretty big affair. There are some 1600 presentations and posters and 300 and some on speech. I will be presenting my own poster tomorrow morning on "An Acoustic Functional Model of English Intonation."

It's not too exciting - the poster - but it's my first. I did actually finish the thing and I picked up the $125 color print of it from Kinko's a few hours ago. I was at the conference today and giving a poster really seems fairly low key. You have this 8 foot wide space at which you put your poster. You then stand next to it, and if anyone asks or looks interested enough, you tell them about the research. I think I can do that. At least when I was wandering around the speech posters this afternoon, nobody was grilling the people abusively about their work. So, I'm off to spend the next hour or two practicing my little schpiel. (Does anyone know how to spell that word?)

My goal was to spend the entire week at the conference, but I have this pesky class on Thursday with some portion of my final project due, so... I guess I won't. It was really nice of the ASA however to host their conference 4 blocks from my house. Travel expenses are rather low that way. You literally walk over three blocks from my place, and then down to the beach, and, voila, Sheraton Waikiki. It was kind of strange to be lugging a laptop through the conference facility when there are people surfing out the back door.

In completely unrelated news, I should have a "New Beginning" of my own popping up on Evil Editor on Wednesday or Thursday. My entry was removed today from the Beginning site, which should mean that he got a continuation he found amusing enough and it's time to post. Then people will tell me what crap it is. And, while it won't be fun to hear it's crap, learning that is why I posted it.


bunnygirl said...

Wow, you're either brave or in the grip of a very dangerous lapse of judgment to post your stuff on EE! LOL!

I've avoided offering any of my stuff because I have other places for crits, and because I don't always feel like the advice on EE is very good.

If a piece is particularly horrible, people chime in with useful things, but if it's in the average-to-good category, the advice is spotty and contradictory, to say the least.

Still, I have a piece that opens on a cave ledge, and I've been tempted to post it just for the fun people could have making continuations for it.

Have fun at the conference! My father was (and perhaps still is) well known in the world of deaf education, so things related to sound or lack of perception of sound have been part of my entire life.

Whatever your particular angle on acoustics, once you're in your niche, you've probably got a very stable career ahead of you. Many of these niche areas are relatively closed systems, and you can do quite well so long as fame and fortune aren't on your list of objectives.

Anonymous said...

call me so i can here all details, exciting or borning! so happy for u! my big brother.


-E said...

i liked your beginning, but agree that is was difficult to read. i think the minions are holding you to a higher standard, cause many of the beginnings don't capture my attention at all, but i would put yours in my favorite 3 (since you got me addicted). Here is my edit/reading... the bracketed text is what i think you meant, but i'm not sure.

Tira closed her eyes and let the {rumblings of the crowd wash over her}. Lifting her head and hands from {what she was doing}, she looked to see what had {disturbed the crowd}.

It was easy to find the girl. {She held the golden fabric of a Feernon in her teeth} Tira watched her, hoping to see her body shaking, hoping to see that she was a girl taking a risk for her family. But the young one’s utter calm betrayed the fact that she believed. She was here to reveal the greatness of Lord Karil, who was now raising his crossbow towards her, whose perfect hands could never miss.

It had not been long since {Tira} had muffled a scream when her outstretched arm was pierced by Gandim near the wrist, but this time it was only the outsiders who gave a cry when the shaft landed in the girl’s throat. Was death intended to be like this?

pacatrue said...

Awesome, e. You pretty much got it. I think this opening was partly a victim of trying to hit the 150-word limit for EE. I originally wrote it around 400 words, and most of the questions that people have had were answered there. But EE never publishes 400 words, so I hacked everything down so that basically there was one sentence per item. One sentence for the location of Tira, one sentence for what she was doing, one sentence about the situation, etc.

The only difference between my intention and your interpretation was that the wide-hipped girl isn't Tira. Ms. Wide-hipped was another candidate who did the normal practice of holding her target out far away from her body, but due to a really bad shot, got hit in the arm anyway. That's what the spectators are used to seeing, kind of like people enjoy huge hits in football and fights in hockey. But, like in football, when someone gets paralyzed, everyone is shocked. I agree that the "wide-hipped girl" was not clear at all in my hack job.

If you have a really good memory, -e, you've seen this plot before here. It's number 3. I haven't written the novel still. I have the outline and a couple scenes. But I knew that this basic scene was the opening, so I wanted to try it out on someone.

bunnygirl said...

Oh, so Tira becomes a female freedom fighter of sorts? Totally, totally cool! I just finished a novel with an MC like that, and she went on to demand her own blog, where she's busy having all sorts of adventures.

Do you have a complete draft yet? Let me know if you want to want to share research. I've done a lot of reading on arrow-making, forest survival, horsemanship, goat-tending, etc. Let me know if you want to share tips or crits. This stuff can be really hard to get right. Even in fantasy, you have to have a basic understanding of how things work here, so you can make it sound realistic in your own world.

If Tira spends a lot of time in the wilderness, order yourself a copy of "How to Stay Alive in the Woods." It's an excellent source if Tira is going to have to figure out how to catch a fish without gear, make a shelter without a tent or tarp, etc.

Good luck! Spunky female MCs rule!

-E said...

ok, to revisit the topic... i just read one of the face lifts for "dark heir" or something (the one with the computer)

yeah... that pretty much sucked. and all the minions are like, "oh it sounds interesting". when they should be saying, "this sounds like crap. if your book is as poorly written as your letter, your not going to get anywhere." or something similar.

so yeah, i think the minions were a little bit harder on you than others.