Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fake Plot 2 (paca)

Another fake plot I submitted over at EE for an unknown novel named "Dire Wolf".

In this collection of short stories, CliffNote Brown uncovers that his uncle Dire Wolf is a werewolf. In following stories, CliffNote reveals the identities of Ima Succuboos, Vamp Ire, and Bob the Lifesucking Demon III.

Maybe Leaflet Brown or GameBoy Brown would have been better. I think I'd also now change it to Bob Soulsuckingdemon Smith. These are mysteries for those with a really short attention span.

BTW, I loved Encyclopedia Brown when I was a kid.

OK, getting carried away now with my character. Here's one for "Painted Wings".

Cliffnote Brown discovers a dead angel with wings painted solid gold. There's only one clue: a business card of one Luke I. Fur. Can Cliffnote solve the riddle?!


Icarus discovers that his nephew Harold's purple crayon isn't quite as magical as everyone thought.


-E said...

2 questions.

1) your vacation disaster letter, were the blue bracket comments you pretending to be EE? i saw where you said he added the when and where, but was that the only major change?

2) there is a person offering to marry you. ok, i realize that isn't a questions, but, wow.

pacatrue said...

1) Yes, I did both the original letter and the comments in brackets, pretending to be EE. He deleted some bits and he changed one joke. I had written something like:

"and my legs go all the way up [Good. That'll keep you from falling over.]"

EE changed it to the "it's so messy when there are gaps" joke. He always changes whatever you submit. Usually it's better afterwards.

2) Yeah, marriage proposal. Pretty cool, I guess. She made that joke after an earlier comment of mine that I guess was funny to her. So this is now a recurring theme.