Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fanboy paca (paca)


First, this is totally utterly cool. Mr. Michael Nesmith (Papa Nez) has a new album out. His last album came out when I was like in college or something. But there it is. No, right here. Like most, I learned of Nez from the Monkees - the one in the wool hat. And I've been listening to his solo albums since... I think I got my first one, a vinyl LP in this used record store in Princeton, NJ in about 1988 or so.

But, I'm not a great fan boy. I like to save money, you know. Maybe it's not good? And maybe, well, I mean the guy looks exactly like my dad now! Click about 6 photos in. That's my dad! Nez grew a beard right after leaving the Monkees, around 1970, but now it's gone, he's 60-something, and I'm a fanboy of my dad!

Anyway, I wasn't sure I was going to buy it. Some Nez stuff is a dud. But then I look at Track 2 of the album

And, OMFG! It's Kurt Wagner as a guest vocalist.

Kurt Wagner!!

The lead singer and songwriter for one of the best bands ever Lambchop! I've written about them on here before. But, c'mon, what are the chances that the lead singer on Lambchop is guesting on a Papa Nez album? It sure sounds like him on the sample though, even though I'm listening real quiet at midnight not to wake N and B up. So I click over to a Lambchop site and OMG!!! they have like totally a new album out! Damaged, it's called. And it's supposed to be kind of like the earlier album " a woman" which is only my favorite Lambchop album.


And then on the Lambchop Community page, there's a link to Nez. So, yeah, crossover from top 5 band of mine to top 5 band of mine. Needless to say, I now have a package coming from Amazon. One Nesmith album, the Lambchop album, and, well, ok, I also have the Best of Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers coming. I've wanted that one for about 3 years.

It's been at least a year since I bought a CD for myself. Cured that.

Dammit! Why didn't I fork over the money for the overnight delivery?!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Nex has a new album, Rays...pretty good imho. Glad you thought so too. It is totally new age material. Yes he is a little older looking now, as are the other three...but all of them are still active in their individual careers. Creativity has no age, eh?

Anonymous said...

omg, sorry about that,lol...that is Nez, not Nex, sorry!