Monday, November 06, 2006

Not so easy to use (paca)


So you know that Macs are supposed to be extremely easy to use, right? That's their selling point. So get this.

I got a new computer at work a month or so ago, and I had some 6 Gigs of imported music on the old one. Therefore, as part of the move, I selected about 700 of my favorites and moved them to my iPod in a huge playlist called The Move. (And thanks, dad, for the iPod in the first place!). Anyway, this morning I decided I would kick off the import to move all those songs back on to my new Mac laptop that I bought for dissertation work. (More on that some other time, but it's what allowed you to hear the Goatskin Pants theme song.)

Well, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to move the songs on my iPod to the new PC. (Sorry, all computers are PCs.). I dragged and dropped; I imported; I browsed; I "added to Library". But nothing works. I finally end up in Help.

Turns out you can use an iPod to move files from one computer to another, but you can't do it in the obvious way. Instead the instructions are, literally, about 50 steps long and you have to re-engineer your iPod to handle a folder and, blah, blah, blah.

In short, I've got 700 songs on an iPod that I apparently cannot re-arrange or add to. So I can't ever change them. The only thing I can do is wipe the entire iPod and start over. So much for months of importing music.... Is this why I still buy CDs and not digital files exclusively? I thought I was just being old-fashioned.

Thanks intuitive and easy to use Macintosh! If anyone is an iPod expert and knows how to take a song on the iPod and move it to my computer, please let me know. I think I am caught in digital security hell.


Anonymous said...

How about trying my little MP3. It acts as a flash drive in its spare time. At least it would let you transfer the song files. Just needs a battery --N

pacatrue said...

I will give it a try - on Wednesday. But the problem now is that the songs are only on the iPod, so I don't think I can get them on to the other mp3 player. But I won't say it's impossible til I take a look.

Anonymous said...

yes, the best way is to burn all music on the discs then u can add them and change them at any time, also, with the awesome ipods da gave us, u can also have pictures, ur icalander and adress book on it to. its great, however, some time in the next year or 2 i hope to have the big 60GB instead so i can just put everything on it and have more for more!!!


John said...

Yeah, Apple did something really annoying with that. When you put something on your iPod, it renames the files to something cryptic. You'll see them if you browse your iPod as though it were just another drive. The ID3 info is all there, but nothing is arranged like you might expect. Since you have an Apple machine I assume you've got OS X, which is almost as good as having Linux. That is, you should be able to copy the filesystem off of the iPod to your desktop's hard drive. Then you can add the files to your library using iTunes (assuming you made them yourself and didn't buy them off of iTunes). As long as everything is properly tagged (the ID3 stuff) then your're in business because iTunes will pick up album and song names, band names, etc.

Um...was that too vague?