Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Get up with your get down (paca)

I've been told that my music essays are just too long. And so, I'm going to try something else, namely just posting one video - Paca's Daily Music Burst or some such thing. And so here we have Kool & the Gang performing / lipsyncing to Jungle Boogie on Soul Train. Because of the other song they seem to do, I'm guessing this is 1975 or 1976. For those who don't know the people in the band, Kool is not the guy doing the lead vocals who looks pretty much like a pimp. Kool is actually the bass player. Pimp-looking guy is Donald Boyce and according to one of my albums was originally in the road crew or something like that. After Jungle Boogie was a big hit, he does appear on a couple other tracks to do the same sort of thing. He is also not, therefore, the lead singer who came in for Ladies Night and Celebration and such. That guy's name is James Taylor. You'll see him some other day when I post one of those videos.

Kool & the gang - Jungle boogie

But since its me and I always write more than anyone wants, here are links to videos of Warcraft, stick figures, and guinea pigs all dancing to Jungle Boogie.

Warcraft boogie

Stick figure boogie

Guinea pig boogie

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