Saturday, December 02, 2006

A little cat people (paca)

Anyone who has stopped by Evil Editor will have noticed that my little opening did not meet with critical acclaim. (The consensus seems to be that the idea is good; the writing bad.) It sent me off looking through my old writings to put something here to show that, no, really, I can write OK! Really!

Anyway, one of my biggest and incomplete projects that I have lying around is - ahem:

"Journey to the North:
How the Pinandam were Discovered and Returned to Seauni by the Most Holy Kibin in the Year 725.

Based upon the Kalabinabeso of Sonodanne as well as the Holy Tradition of Seauni.

Translated into Anspik by Joseph Hayd."

Actually, that's the short version. The title is accompanied by a fair amount of world-building - mostly working on the religion, as well as my invented language for the Seauni with its written script.

In the world building, I have several things that I still understand. (Oh, I should have said that I did this work about 10-11 years ago. I had found a Teach Yourself Sanskrit book, and I found the writing system so cool that the Seauni script got created in its image. Remember this was about 7 years before it occurred to me to study linguistics.) One set of creatures is the angel, who are anything but. Essentially, they are 20 foot long dragon flies (skeeter hawks still, Sammy) with gorgeous shimmering wings that make them look like angels. Unfortunately, they like to scoop up people and eat them. Then on one page in a top margin I have scrawled:

little cat people


I have no idea what that is. People are welcome to tell me in Comments just what a little cat people would be like. Have at it.

Ooh, I just found the "beetlemen" who are "scholars of a sort". I wonder what the heck that was.

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