Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Llama saves us all!!(paca)

We haven't heard much from the llama recently of course. And now I know why. Apparently he's been developing tiny antibodies to use as bioweapon detectors.

Good work, llama.

But you know if camels and llamas both have these antibodies, then guess what other animal probably does as well.

That's right.

But do I get any credit? No, of course not. It's always llama this and llama that in the world of camelids. "llama, carry my water for me." "llama, carry my packs over the Andes." "llama, use your blood to warn me of biological weapons." "Oh, llama, you are such a useful and wonderful animal. I love you, llama."

But do you ever hear about the alpaca? No.

I mean, ok, ok, we're a little bit shorter.

And llamas are a bit stronger.

But they freaking spit, people! You walk up, give them your little candy apple, and if the llama was in the mood for a Fuji and you gave him Granny Smith, well, you're going to be wiping a big llama loogie out of your eye.


But alpacas don't spit. Oh no, we are accomodating and will eat whatever old rotten apple you throw at us (since you're saving the juicy Pacific Rose for the stupid llama anyway). You can even toss something icky like a Red Delicious and we'll eat it. Ok, ok, we might pee on your shoe to make a point, but that's better than a llama loogie.

And, ladies, who would you rather cuddle up to at night, huh? Some sweaty llama who just hiked across Bolivia with a pair of 100 pound saddle bags? Can we say stinky and fly infested? No, you want to lie by the campfire with your body nestled against the walking breathing blankie known as the alpaca. Just give my fur a little squeeze.


nice, isn't it?

that's what I thought.

you likey.

paca likey

let me just toss some water on the fire to make it a little darker....

"Run, bio weapon attack!"

Oh yeah, your real life significant might be cuddly, but can he do that? I didn't think so.

So, take a number. Paca's line of love starts at the door.


bunnygirl said...

No one parts me from my 'paca wool shawl. So cozy!

I've never heard of llama wool NOTHIN'!!!

-E said...

very funny. although it reminded me of Kuzco from Emperor's new groove, who was in fact, a Llama.

Sammy Jankis said...

That's good stuff, Paca!

kristybox said...

Watch out. Sammy's probably waiting at your door!

katze said...

You've just made me snort hot chocolate up my nose. Thanks, thanks a lot ;-)