Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paca's Greatest Hits (paca)

I just had a guest post over on The Moderate Voice. It's a fairly well-traveled blog, and so it's likely that a number of visitors will come by. To the TMV visitors, welcome. If you browse down, you will quickly see that this is not a political blog, though I do hit social and political items periodically. Feel free to scroll down past the copy of the post on TMV and see what else is here. If you do, you will discover that this is a team blog by myself and my cohort, killer llama. Each post is labeled as such. I've also decided to take this opportunity to update my "Greatest Hits" blog entry, where I catalog some of my favorite posts. And so here it is.

Goatskin Pants Theme Song!!

Paca does linguistics and psych

The Language Instinct
English as official language debate
The Koasati language of Louisiana
old languages
Not a southerner anymore

Paca tries humor

Fish in the sea
The mighty alpaca
Some Guess the Plots at EE
A lot more EE continuations
working for the consulate
whale calving
The probability of love
You can call me P
Aim high

Paca Gets Philosophical

What the world is not
Chastity and Choice
Politics and the Personal
Science, i, and God
Reason and spirituality
Intelligence and music
Oneness, Christ, and Plato
What is the moral context?
Instrumentalism - stem cells, animal cruelty, and the purpose of life all in one post

Get to Know Paca – the Life, the Pictures

The Autobiography
Pictures over 17 years
Meme of Threes
My life at boarding school
Some family pics
Life snapshot meme
Pic of the linguistics crew
shy yet sociable
remembering my grandparents


Flatbreads Inc.
Cajun Seoul
Mandoo recipe with pics
a green curry
Baking Bread
Mushroom spinach omelettes
Open-face Strawberry Pie

Paca's Social and Political Stuff

social programs and overwhelming force
Principle of Foreseeable Effects
immigration and owning the earth
Are children a choice?
Problems with world peace
My same sex marriage debate
gigantic TMV same sex marriage debate
Couples and adoption
neurology and sexual desire
Downhome economic theory
Terrorism in America
Campaigning for Bill Richardson
The New Presidency - Tag Team
Yet another take on illegal immigration
Cultural Relativity

Writing and Book Ideas

Paca's EE continuations
Some Guess the plots over at EE
Love letter to EE
Two months of pregnancy
Paca and romance
Which novel this summer?
A character study I did
Hawaiian Hottie Handbook
I don't read
Bad Poetry
Yet more book ideas
Awful wedding proposal
Yippee, fiction is subjective
A quick amusing scene in a bar.
I am not your Father
Script Frenzy

Paca's Current Life (over the life of this blog)

my first earthquake
Notices from child care
Pirate Pooh - Halloween 2006
Bath time for a three year old
Trip to the store for a 4 year old
Trip to Montreal
Happy B-day to me
2005 Summer Plans
Me and the Sisa Kids
Weight change report
Biking and humor
Teaching at Sisa
Honolululu Festival Pics
*B at 3.5
Wednesday, October 4
Trip over to the Big Isle 1 2 3 4
Visiting Oahu's Valley of the Temples
Lost dog
Neighbors gone wild

Music stuff (some links, some essays)
Unfortunately, many of these are based on YouTube links many of which are becoming obsolete.

Van Morrison
Cui Jian morphing into traditional Chinese instruments
Michael Nesmith
Kool & the Gang - Summer Madness
80s Hair Rock
Puffy Amiyumi 1 2 3 4
James Brown and old writing
Nina Simone, Wilson Pickett, and a little EE. Also, a zombie father of Jesus.
Charles Smith - Kool and the Gang guitarist - passes on
Puffy Amiyumi adoration
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Paca's Random

Happy Mother's Day
Wondering out loud about the nature of ethnicity and specifically international adoption
Confessing your feelings
Celebration of Welly Yang
Tap dancing
My fave virus videos
King of the Grottoes
Katrina coming
Bounty Buff
Bad Reporting
Guns in the home
Arigorizumu Taiso!
But I am cool, I am
How to pretend to win a blog debate


pacatrue said...

Yes! My evil plot has come to fruition. I seem to be wasting tons and tons of bunnygirl's time with this post.

bunnygirl said...

Hey, I gotta do something while I wait for Dan to go to bed. I can't do any serious writing with him wandering in at random to blather on about his job and whatnot.