Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Quick Hits OU812 (paca)

1) You learn a lot more about pants made of the skin of various animals than you want to know when you name your blog goatskin pants. My little statcounter logs search engine keywords and virtually every day someone is searching for skin from goats, skin from llamas, cow skin, etc. In the same vein, llama once did a post about Lindsey Lohan being too skinny, but he typoed it and wrote "Lindsy". Now, everyone else who does the same typo about "Lindsy" ends up here. You find out a lot about people's interests in Lindsy as well. You get the predictable "Lindsy pics" and "Lindsy nude". Today we got "Lindsy Lohan shaven."

2) I got in trouble with B (For my new reader, bunny, B is my 3 year old son) today. Last night I cooked up a trout for the two of us and for some reason I made a point of showing him the process. It was a whole trout, so I showed it to him in all its full glory. Then he watched me cutting the tail and head off. I later made the point that I was eating the trout at dinner. Today B asked (for the 10th time) what happened to the catfish. I told him that I ate it (for the 10th time). Today, as we were driving, he said something like. "What happened to the catfish? You cut the tail off. That's not nice. Time out!"

3) Why did I only cook dinner for the two of us? N is in Chicago as of this morning for another conference. She will be back on Monday.

4) OK, I guess I should mention this now, since it is sort of coming up. N's stepfather died about two weeks ago. N's mom remarried when N and I were in Mississippi together when I was doing the last bout of grad school (M.A. in philosophy). They were married for 11 years. N's mom has been handling the funeral in the last couple days, and then she's traveling to Chicago to spend a few extra days with N once the conference is over. So they will have about 4 days together.

5) I'm spending my life working on my final project in the Matlab programming language. It's the project both for my Acoustic Phonetics course and Machine Learning Algorithms course. I've never really programmed (I did some web stuff a few years back), so I am teaching myself the language and how to program at the same time. The huge breakthrough today was "mat2str" which converts a matrix value to a string. Took me hours to find that function. OK, I first had to convert the cell array to a regular array and then to a string. It's actually kind of fun if there wasn't this deadline of Friday looming on the horizon. In other school news I have my French Phonetics final exam tomorrow morning, which I will do a quick review for after B is in bed (which should be about 15 minutes). I have something like a 97 or 98 average, so I'm not stressing about this one.


bunnygirl said...

Yeah, I get a little creeped out by whole fish, too. The Vietnamese restaurants around here cook them with the head still on, so you get a plate with a crispy eye staring at you.

Gotta be hungry to still want to eat after that!

French phonetics doesn't sound so bad, although the French use entirely too many letters for my taste. What's with the "x" in bordeaux, for example? No wonder their country keeps getting invaded. They're too busy adding unnecessary letters to their messages.

Totally unlike us English-speakers, of course! ;-)

pacatrue said...

I agree completely, bunnygirl. I'm threw, no through, with stough, no stuff, like that inn, no in, languages. If a people can't keep there, no their, spelling strait, no straight, so that how two, no too, no to, pronounce words is clear, then I'm not going to waist, no waste, my time with them.

I mean the pronunciation of "knight" is completely obvious from its letters. ;)

Oh, did you know that the French actually still pronounce the p in psychologie? ppssseekohlohgee. If it's not dropping letters off the end, they are pronouncing letters at the front that are clearly supposed to be silent. I think I'm going to go conquer them real quick.

pacatrue said...

Tacking on, N refuses to cook anything with a head on. In fact, she won't eat anything that looks at her.

And related to the Vietnamese story, they do the same thing in China. They also follow the "choose your live lobster and we will cook it for you" model with fish. We ordered some fish once at a nice restaurant and then when we walked through the lobby a minute or two later, 2 or 3 of the waitresses were standing around the lobby's big fountain with fish pond carrying a big net. One of those fish showed up on our table not too much later.

bunnygirl said...

Hey, quit mucking around with phonetics and get your word in on the creation of Amelia Pettipants on EE! Time is running out!