Friday, December 29, 2006

Some numbers (paca)

27:40 - That was my 3-mile time last night. I was pleased with it as I've been sick with a cold / cough / flu / bronchitis thing and have only run / walked / had coughing fits once since early November. I don't usually worry too much about time, since I almost always run with B in his stroller. You can run pretty fast with the stroller, but you have to stop and go around so many obstacles that time is meaningless. However, I ran without B Wednesday night (with the Nike Running Club as always) and that was my time. I'm happy any time I beat my regular 10 minute per mile pace. I am thinking of setting some new running goals over the next few weeks but I haven't decided on them yet. I've always wanted to get back to a 7 minute mile, as that was my best time in a race in high school**. We'll see. Check back for updates.

53 to 51. Those are the points for the Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings (hockey) at this point in the season. Nashville, for the first time ever, has been leading the division much of the season, but 2 points is a single win. That's tight. But as last year's playoffs showed, it's all pretty meaningless in the end. As long as you get in the room, you've got a shot. 2 points.

5 down, 5 to go. 5 items for February's issue of the journal have been edited and 5 are still to go. If I'm a good boy, it will switch to 6 and 4 by the end of tonight. The better news is that the long ones have all been done.

648. That's the number of different resolutions I've thought of for this coming year. OK, maybe I haven't actually counted them, but it's long. Maybe I should be on one of those life makeover shows. I'd get some new clothes from that, right? And they'd show me how to not have such a huge bleeping forehead. I also sometimes think my ears are gigantic. But they're not. Or are they? or here or here .

Minus 10 - How many hours I am back from GMT. We were using some of the Santa trackers on Christmas Eve and we are so far in the middle of nowhere that on some web sites, Santa had already delivered all his presents and gone back to the North Pole not long after we finished dinner. The good folks at NORAD, however, didn't forget us and according to them Santa came all the way out to Wahiawa. That was nice of him.

2.5, 3.5, 4, 5, and 7. Those are the five sizes of dumplings that my new dumping maker from N for Xmas makes for me. I have not used it yet and will have to report back.

3. The number of Christmases in a row now spent at some beach. This is becoming a tradition. Seasons largely don't change in Hawaii temperature wise, and one forgets that our weather is unusual. You have to hear tale of some snowstorm somewhere to be reminded that going to the beach for Christmas isn't what everyone does. It will be hard to keep this tradition alive going forward I think. Will Northwestern Valley Community College of Southeastern Iowa, where I expect to get my only job offer, have ready access to a beach? One of my favorite stats when going to college in Minnesota was that the closest saltwater to us was Hudson Bay. One of my favorite stats about Nashville that I picked up was that it had both the highest number of churches per capita in the U.S. and the highest number of strip clubs per capita. Make of that what you will. It could be a complete fabrication from a co-worker of mine who was once a Nashville journalist, but that won't stop me from repeating it.

Finally, I will just take this opportunity to say: "mmmm, Mac nuts!* yummy!"

*Macadamia nuts.

** "Ahhh! So he's always been a runner!" Someone is thinking. Not really. My school required sports for everyone. Most of the time I participated in intramural house sports. (I will regail you with stories of innertube water polo one day.) But it became known that there was a pseudo-cheat. Everyone was allowed to join the cross-country team. Since you very frequently met with the team for stretches and then ran off to do your run with no check back, you could go, stretch, and then run back to your dorm to eat cookies and drink soda. Brilliant! That was the sport for me. It worked one year until the coach started making the deliquents run around the track over and over so that we couldn't get away with skipping out. I participated in two races of some large number that existed. I don't remember if I was just skipping races or if only a certain number were required. Anyway, on the second race, I ended up somehow next to one of the other school's athletic delinquents, and suddenly the competitive fire was lit! Off I went and pulled in some 21 or 22 minute time. I did learn two things from Cross-Country. One was how to breathe and reduce effort when running (in a good way). The other was just how amazing the serious marathoners are. Our team also fielded Wolfgang who was the New Jersey state cross-country champ. He fielded miles in the low to mid 5 minute mark, which was enough to make him the best. The elite runners in a marathon achieve 5 minute miles not for 3.3 miles but for 26.2 of them. It's insane.


bunnygirl said...

You're back!

Congrats on your run time. It's hard to build speed. Endurance is easier, I think.

I've gotten down to as fast as a 7:30 mile for my 5K pace, but that's as good as I've ever done, and it didn't last long. My biomechanics are weird and I'm always getting mysterious injuries that no one else seems to get.

I don't even time myself any more. I refuse to wear a watch when injured or recovering from injury. It just makes me do dumb things.

But yeah, those elite runners are something else, aren't they?

So how many of your resolutions are writing-related? I'm diligently putting one of my novels into a Blogger Beta site. You can set permissions in Beta, making it perfect for sharing your work with friends, while keeping yourself still publishable by industry standards. You should give it a try!

N said...

Until I saw picture 3, I never really thought of your ears as gigantic. Oh no, now I can't stop thinking how I married a man with gigantic ears! aaaahhhhh!

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