Saturday, December 16, 2006

Window shopping Waikiki (paca)

Back on November 24, the family went to the annual Christmas parade down Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki. Our camera's batteries largely died so I will only give you a pic of our Santa. If you can tell, he's dressed in shorts and an aloha shirt, which is the normal Hawaiian Santa. After that, there is a series of pics we took while waiting for the parade to start. These are the stores on a three block strip from Kalaimoku to Lewers (all on the main drag Kalakaua) right near our place. It's basically the window displays of about 10 stores, so you can imagine yourself walking Waikiki and window shopping. (After seeing the quality of the pictures, you can also imagine yourself drunk and window shopping.) Captions are under the pictures this time.

Mele Kalikimaka - it's the thing to say.

This is one of the high-end blocks. So here we have a Tiffany's display.

We think this is Gucci. Oh, and that's B.

Chanel, we think. Insert your own thoughts on what this image conveys.

After this the high-end strip, things become a lot more mixed, as you will see. Here's one of the million cheap shirt stores.

A ramen / noodle shop.

If you walk down Lewers from our place, around this three block strip and back, you will pass 4 ABC stores. That's Waikiki.

There are a lot of these gun clubs catering to Japanese tourist. I am assuming that handguns and such are illegal in Japan, but that's just a guess.

I like how the adult video store has their own window fashion display to go with everyone else. Along with Tiffany's, Coach, Gucci, etc. you can pass three XXX adult video stores in the same three blocks. They seem to cater to all tourists. OK, mostly all male tourists.

No Waikiki street would be complete without an opportunity to wear an Aloha shirt. For the record, aloha shirts are kind of like formal wear. You won't catch your generic person in them, but they are worn for occasions like weddings and graduations. The bank manager will also greet you in one.


Puma. Supposedly, our travel industry discovered that Japanese tourists like to shop when on vacation and Mainland tourists like to lay on the beach and get sunburned. Most of the expensive stores are designed for our Japanese guests. Max Mara at the end of the street will carry fur-lined boots at this time of year. It's 75 out here. Locals aren't the targets.

B looking into the future at Louis Vuitton. Just a couple days earlier they had some clothing in the window with actual prices. Things like: handkerchief: $350. It's just these sun-light things now.

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