Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Brainstorming 2007 (paca)

I've been brainstorming possible goals and resolutions for 2007. Not to get carried away, but I so got carried away, and there's no way to do more than a fraction of them. I will work on figuring out which ones next. I also have this feeling I'm forgetting something very important on this list, and its absence will reveal more about the hidden paca than what's here. Anyway:

  1. Write article on Korean apologies with J-W.
  2. Article on pitch levels in discourse structure - format: English corpus work, English experiment, Korean corpus work, Korean experiment. Also with J-W.
  3. don't procrastinate
  4. teacher of a linguistics class
  5. sleep more regularly (unlike now where I started typing this at 12:45 am)
  6. More N and Paca time
  7. swim
  8. working paper - innateness and poverty of the stimulus arguments
  9. comprehensive exams
  10. dissertation proposal
  11. develop 10 decent Cajun Seoul dishes
  12. create 5-10 not completely embarassing songs in GarageBand
  13. keep the house neater
  14. write 2-3 more stories to complete a story collection; query it to at least one agent
  15. develop complete outline of Tira novel
  16. drink less soda
  17. eat more vegies
  18. Work on information theory interpretation of cochlear "fourier analysis" of frequency
  19. get an article published all refereed like
  20. 23 minute 5K event
  21. take at least a three day vacation where I take no laptop and no linguistics books - not even with the excuse that I like reading that sort of stuff. This would probably be on a neighbor isle - Kauai or Hawai'i most likely.
  22. find disseration funding and leave current job
  23. don't go broke

Yeah, I can do all that, no prob.


bunnygirl said...

So is Korean your main language of interest? Doesn't it have way more tones than sanity permits? I've been tempted to study Vietnamese, since we have such a large Vietnamese community here, but I'm a little intimidated by going beyond the four tones I've mastered in Mandarin.

Regarding "more N and Paca time," Dan and I have always had at least one fixed "date" per week, and sometimes more. Our Saturday Indian lunches have been practically sacred for many years. We spend most of the time doing our own thing, but we always have one or more things that we do together each week, on schedule, like clockwork. Knowing that we'll both move Heaven and Earth to make The Date happen keeps us from getting too anxious about the times we spend apart. Just a thought!

You're going to swim? Yuck. I might have to, too. There's a new tri coming to town next fall, sort of like a 3/4 Ironman. I've done a half, and a 3/4 sounds like a blast, but. . . I really hate to swim.

Comps. Double yuck.

Less soda. Yep. It's all evil, but the full calorie version is the worst. I like my food and my figure too much to waste my daily "calorie budget" on beverages with calories. There are some pretty good bottled teas, like Tazo, if you can afford them. (They're not hugely expensive, but they add up fast if drink a lot of them.) You really will get used to water over time, though. And that frees up calories for you to consume via something more fun, like fudge. :-)

Good luck on your running! A 23 minute 5K time is no shabby goal.

pacatrue said...

Actually, English has been my main research language so far, and it remains the only language that I am truly competent in. I used to do Mandarin, but it just took too much time to study, and I haven't had any research questions yet. Korean has come up because I have a potential collaborator. I couldn't do any of the Korean work without her. However, I need to be able to do work in a language that isn't English, and so if she has time to work, Korean it is.

Korean actually doesn't have tones. It's an anomaly among Asian languages from that perspective. However, none of the north Asian languages really have tones: Japanese, Korean, Mongolian.... but everything to the south - Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, do. OK, actually many southeast asian languages don't have tones either. At least Cambodian doesn't or Bahasa Indonesian or Tagalog. However, Korean does have three varieties of consonants - three types of t, three types of k - that I expect to kill me if I ever study it. That's why I have, I hope, a native-speaking collaborator.

I've already made the switch to diet sodas and that may have been a bigger key to weight loss than running again. I bet I drank 600 - 700 calories a day. However, I still drink the diet ones way too much. It's just a lot of acid.

23 5K is definitely aggressive, and I haven't decided which of all these goals I will truly go for, including that one. Some of these goals are no-brainers - like the comps and dissertation proposal. Doing that is my job, and it will definitely happen. A 23 minutes 5K is optional.

J said...

Wow. That's ambitious and impressive. I celebrate your goals.