Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cajun cookbook recommendation (paca)

Does anyone have a Cajun cookbook recommendation for me? I want to start working on my Cajun Seoul creations, but I realized my Cajun knowledge is pretty slim, really. I'm from the Boro, not Lafayette. I used to have River Road (Baton Rouge Junior League, if I remember correctly) and thats what I grew up with. Do people still like that one? Do you recommend something else? Emeril, Prudhomme, Justin Wilson,.... I really don't want anything trendy. I just want to know how to make a decent jambalaya, tasso something, etouffee, and the like. Also, think broadly. It could be Cajun; it could be Southern; it could be Soul food. Just sort of traditional Louisiana dishes. Recommendations? Also, if you just think you have a killer recipe for Hoppin John or dirty rice or... (insert your dish here), I'd be stoked to hear that too.



bunnygirl said...

This site links to some possibilities in the sidebar:

Good luck, and be sure to post any particularly delicious recipes you find!

-E said...

the river road reciepe books are still pretty popular. there are like 4 editions now.

there is (that guy on the news who cooks at that plantation... oh what's his name...) John Folse. he has an encyclopedia of cajun and creole cuisine. i think i heard John speak highly of it.

i make a pretty good etoufee. or atleast my husband (who is the cook in the family) says it is my best dish. mine differs from the norm in that it has lots of vegetables in it.

Anonymous said...

Creole Cottage: Cajun Cuisine, by the creole cottage and catering

first printing 1987

printed by willer brothers

copies of book obtained at 15.00, write to:

the creole cottage
209 E. Alabama
ruston, LA 71270
Lama, this is the BEST BESTEST cajuin creole cook book i have EVER come acrss, from pecan pie,s to squilels or hot toddies, this is my favorite cookbook, i have evr owned, very authenic, even a recipe for alligator! hope this helps