Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Charles Smith and the Madness (paca)

Virtually every day now this blog gets a hit for someone searching for information about Charles (Claydes) Smith of Kool & The Gang due to my short token of appreciation to him here when he passed away. Since people are coming here so often now for information about the guitarist, I thought I would post a couple links to him from YouTube. Both are for the tune Summer Madness, a very peaceful R&B instrumental. The first is Kool and the Gang playing along with the studio record on Soul Train. Wow, do they look young.

Charles' quiet solo starts around 1:30.

Summer Madness - Soul Train

And then here we have the 10 minute version of the number from the recent House of Blues DVD. Charles takes over very soon after the horn intro, also around a minute and a half, and plays several verses.

Summer Madness - House of Blues

Finally, as a service to the visitors, here is the list of songs from my Kool albums in which Charles is listed as a lead author. I would assume he wrote the guitar parts to everything.

Light of Worlds
Winter Sadness
Lucky for Me
Love & Understanding
Cosmic Energy
Come Together
Take My Heart
Stone Love

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