Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day One on the Big Isle

Hey, this is like those home movies no one wants to watch! The main difference is that you have a Back button.

So, the word for Day One is "ear pop". Make that the phrase for Day One.

The flight from Honolulu to Hawaii is only about 35 minutes long, but somehow we managed to be picked up by the taxi at 6:30 in the morning and didn't see our hotel until around 2 in the afternoon. However, because of the short flight, it's a great trainer flight for kids. B ate practically an entire bag of cheddar rice cakes during the wait to board, but otherwise things went smoothly - until the plane ride. The plane didn't have three seats together for us, and N ended up with B near the back of the plane. I myself was in First Class sipping wine and eating caviar while damsels fed me grapes and wiped my brow with a moist toilette, or is that towlette. OK, so I was crammed in about 6 rows ahead of them.

Did you know that you aren't allowed to sit in an exit row if you are traveling with a child under the age of 14 even when they aren't sitting in the row themselves? When the attendant saw me waving back, she kicked me out.

Anyway, N apparently tried to explain to B that his ears might pop by going up and down in the plane. Apparently, B construed this to mean that they might pop off his head. So he spent the entire plane trip with his hands covering his ears to keep them from falling off. She mentioned that if you eat, in this case eat some M&Ms, that can help with the air pressure, so he gobbled the bag up hand over fist to help keep his ears attached.

After we managed to land in Kona with all our body parts still attached, we went to the hotel which is on the Kaeuhou Bay, just a couple miles south of the main town of Kailua. It's the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort and looks like this:

It sits right on the bay, as you can see, and turned out to be rather pleasant. The main hotel building itself is nothing to write home about, but, hey, it is right on the ocean and it has some very nice grounds. Here's a view over some sand and trees on the grounds.

One difference between Hawaii and Oahu is that you feel the presence of the volcanos there all the time. Lava is still flowing out of Kilauea as we speak, but moreover many parts of the island have quite recent lava flows that are plain to see. The Kona airport is built on this barren black desert like swath of land, which is an old lava flow. And here you can see the lava rock right at our hotel. Notice the ripples in the rock.

The hotel actually stands over a host of tide pools bordering the bay and you can see black crabs, fish, and such in them. They are also popular resting spots for the Hawaiian green sea turtle. There were a bunch on the other side of the pool each day we were there. The pools are also great for catching the reflections of the sea and sky into some really nice photos.

Another way that Hawaii beats Oahu is in sunsets. Even on the western coast here the sunsets are nice but never like this:


bunnygirl said...

Nice pics! My blog pal Laura has been hosting Good Planets this month. Here's an example: http://somewhereinnj.blogspot.com/2007/01/good-planets-12007.html

Info on how to participate is at the end of the post. I think you should send one or two of these pictures-- they'd be a great addition!

Oh, and gum works better than candy for pressure in the ears, IME. My grandpa worked for American Airlines and I flew a lot as a kid, so I know about these things. :-)

bunnygirl said...

Okay. The link didn't post right. Let's try again, embedded this time.

Good Planets

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