Friday, January 12, 2007

Grease Beginning from EE

This post is for the Evil Minions. If anyone would like to try continuing the lyrics to this, feel free to do so in the comments. I will try to assemble a coherent picture if more than one person submits something. Again the original is here:

She had been walking in the park for about an hour when she stopped at a playground and settled absently into a swing.

She was a rounded, serious girl of about sixteen, with wire-frame glasses and sensible, straight brown hair that brushed her shoulders. Today she wore a hooded school sweatshirt and blue jeans to ward against the autumn chill. Her name was Jane.

Plain Jane, she thought, kicking her feet against the macadam to set the swing in motion. Who nobody talks to. Who nobody looks at. Who keeps her head down. Who's going to be alone for the rest of her life.

She swung higher. A brisk wind caught her hair and swept her cheeks. The forest around her seemed to hold still and watch. This was the good loneliness, that she could exult in; not the kind that came sidling along when she stepped into a crowd. This was quiet. That was alienation.

As she swung higher, she noticed winged creatures swooping toward her. She jumped from the swing to escape, but from the other side a troop of hideous beasts stormed toward her, crashing through the playground swinging axes and maces.

"Stay away from Princess Jane, you orcish orangutan!" a high sparkling voice squealed on her right.

"Orc can do alliteration too, spritely... thing," came the snarling reply on the left.

The orc chief turns to Jane as the bass line kicks in.

(To the tune of Summer Nights from the musical Grease)

Orc Chief: Argh lady, you come with me.

Jane: You've a pig face! Who could you be?

Orc Chief: Name is Splork and you be my queen.

Jane: I'm your queen? Just in your dreams.

Orc Chief/Jane: Come to park, drag her/me away, oh oh oh from her/my boring teen life.

Everyone: Well uh, well uh, well uh HUH

Orcs: We go now! We go now!
Orc 2: Before white wizard come.

Sprites: Come with us! Come with us!
Life with orcs is no fun.

Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huhhhh


Sigh, I wasn't sure anyone would actually write more lyrics to the tune, but not a single EE person as I can tell clicked over to even glance at this blog today. Why? I wondered. Apparently, I didn't actually even spell my blog name correctly in my link. Doh. I could do a whole nother comment to fix it, but that's just getting desperate.


pacatrue said...

This was posted over on EE and I'm saving it here.

McKoala said...
Who says nobody remembers the song on the swing? Didn't it go something like this...

Pacatrue, baaaby, I'm in misery
I failed to chart, you nailed this part
There's nothing left for me
Every time you make a rhyme
In Evil's heart it sounds a chime
Always on key
Not like meeee

writtenwyrdd said...

Some of us are just not that capable of writing lyrics. Kudos to you for managing it, paca!

word veri: weftab. What sound a camelid makes when spitting. (Ducks and runs...splat!)