Sunday, January 28, 2007

La Leche League de la Balein (paca)

I hope that's how you spell whale in French. I'm too lazy to double-check. Maybe N will see it and correct me.

Anyway, I have some readers who quite frequently discuss nursing, breast-feeding, formula, and the like. Yes, I'm talking about you, -e and Kristy. Admit it. You do.

Anyway, they might enjoy this article, which is only one paragraph long.

200 lbs a day.... I'd hate to cart those formula bottles home in my backpack. The whale would need a pouch, I think. Was there ever a marsupial whale? Supposedly, however, there once were kangaroos who lived in trees. I have a hard time understanding how that would work. Did they jump at all? Maybe they jumped from tree branch to tree branch clinging with super curly toes. My older brother was once one of those people who could pick things up with his toes. We always called him a monkey, but maybe it should have been "tree roo". The Wisteria Wallaby. Jungle Joey? Actually, in my head, I do have kangaroos now swinging on vines with large knives clinched between their teeth. (For some reason, I wanted to write that as "teethes". Not a word, I don't think. But it should be. You need it. It's like peoples. The peoples of the earth. The teethes of the jungle roo.)

Going back to the blue whale and its calf, did you catch that they can come out at 30 feet long after 10-12 months of gestation. Think about that. They start off as a single cell, too. Just like you and me. And then in not much more time as we have to grow to 10-12 pounds on the big side, they grow to be 30 feet long. 30 freaking feet long!! That's a lot of plankton. I wonder if it's possible to crawl inside a whale's umbilical cord. Not that I really have much desire to do so. I'm just thinking about how much food is passing through there. I bet pregnant whales are super-ornery around food. You're her partner and you take the last shrimp in the school without thinking. She'll rip you a new blow hole. Send you to find some ice cream near the orca pod.

Apparently, tree kangaroos still exist:

Cute little buggers, aren't they? Tree Kangaroos


Anonymous said...

they are cute little buggers!


Kat dreams said...


Goat skin pants! Poor goats. I raised three goats when I was in high school lol.

As an interesting tid bit, I found a pic of a whale's belly button here,
in the final pic on the page.

-E said...

actually la leche is spanish.