Friday, January 05, 2007

Safely back in BKK (Llama)

Hi all,

I'm back in the Land of Smiles. The trip back, despite being longer, seems to be easier for some reason. No delays, no events to report. Unless you think that the fact there were no delays is an event.

Of course, as usual, I haven't been blogging. I had pretty much given up the whole thing. But at Christmas my parents were thoughtful enough to give me this very cool Llama. It has inspired me. Well, perhaps "inspired" is too strong a word. Gently nudged is probably more appropriate.

Anyway, my Google news reader has been failing of late, unbeknownst to me, and so I didn't even realize Paca had been blogging up a storm. I just got into work and can't really take the time to go through all his great work, but I plan to a bit later.

Probably next week I go to Cambodia... to early to tell for sure though.

Happy New Year to all.


pacatrue said...

Welcome back... umm.. to Thailand. I want to hear about Prince news - like Happy Feet or whatever else. I want your opinion on some music video I've posted, whichever pleases you. I am also currently reading Knife of Dreams, so I'll be ready for the debate soon.

It's good your back. I think I was getting down to 3-4 readers and beginning to wonder if I should just can the whole thing. Maybe you can help me get people stopping by again.

Oh, and I changed your email to mine for emailing blog comments, so that's one reason you may have been getting less stuff from this blog. I guess we also need to decide whether or not we want to shift over to Beta Blogger or Google Blogger or whatever they are calling it when I log in. Maybe this should be an email instead of a blog comment.

-E said...

there once was a guy named Tom
who got a llama from his mom
nugdged to blog more
and read paca galore
cambodia is near vietnam

(tom is a surpisingly hard word to rhyme)