Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Three thoughts on global warming (paca)

1) I'm pretty much a shmuck about global warming stuff. I'm one of those people who believes the science but hasn't done much about that belief other than to think that other forms of energy sound good. So someone should really get on that. I do have a high gas mileage car, but that's because I wanted to save money on gas, not save the environment. I could recycle, but I'd have to keep all these bags of bottles in my apartment and then lug them allllll the way to a recycling center. Pshaw. Yah, like I'm going to do that.

Then you hear that, since I live in Waikiki, my current home would be underwater if the sea levels rose. The university nestled in a mountain valley would become beach front property.

Maybe I should stop being quite so damn lazy. On the other hand, I could surf to my office.

2) This report on Think Progress (a web site I read a couple times a week) is ridiculous. They report that a congressman attended a party with the Director of National Intelligence Negroponte as a speaker. The rumor then got around that Negroponte had been forbidden to use the phrase "global warming." First of all, he's the Intelligence Chief and is not involved in environmental affairs or policy. Secondly, someone heard a rumor at a party? THIS is news?! The Bush administration does enough to sound idiotic about climate change that's truly bad. We don't need to worry about party rumors. Apparently, Cooper also heard that Jim likes Julie a whole lot but he's can't say anything because he already told Josie he'd go to the dance with her on Saturday.

3) Every time I hear about "An Inconvenient Truth" I think: You know the Green Party has only effected national politics significantly once in its history, and its accomplishment was to keep Al Gore from being elected President. Thanks.


bunnygirl said...

We're all dealing with a sort of Tragedy of the Commons situation, aren't we? Society is set up to make it difficult and time-consuming to be good stewards of the planet, and since no one else does it, our own efforts wouldn't make a difference to the overall picture, anyway.

There's almost nothing to gain (in the short term) and much to lose (also in the short term) by being green, so we don't do it.

In fact, in some cases, trying to do right by the planet might make things worse. If you have to do a significant amount of extra driving to get your trash to a recycling center, is there a net benefit to the planet? Perhaps not. Throwing away what could be re-used then becomes a civic virtue.

Yeah, we've dug a very big hole for ourselves. The ironies and contradictions are so profound that it's amazing we don't all go around with little furrows between our brows and massive headaches.

Anonymous said...

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