Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Valley of the Temples (paca)

On the windward side of Oahu (the side from which the wind (and rain) comes, in this case the north to north-east side), there is a Valley of the Temples. It's a cemetery. The primary reason to visit is a replica of the Byodo-In temple which is a several hundred year old temple in Japan. The replica was built here in the 60s to mark the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Japanese immigrants to Hawaii. The cemetery keeps people of all faiths and ethnicities, which is one of its charms to me. I won't title all the pictures this time. You can just look at them and enjoy as you please. Most of the small buildings you will see are private mausoleums. The sort of interdenominational church isn't all that great to look at in my opinion, but you can see what the architect had in mind if you look closely at the picture and notice that you can see right through the building. It's perched up on a hill with floor to ceiling windows on the other side so that you overlook the entire valley and right out to the ocean. The people in the pics are of course N and B. As an architectural tidbit, the entire Byodo-In temple, and its replica, are built without a single nail. That's knowing your joints.

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