Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yet another... (paca)

It seems that hardly anyone else is submitting continuations over at EE because I had another one selected here. Fortunately for the Evil Editor minions, I haven't submitted anything else since I put in the last three all at once a week ago.

OK, you should read it before reading my commentary....




The most recent continuation was rather interesting to me as the author. I was a little suprised it was chosen at all, because I didn't think it quite worked. I liked the basic idea - some guy wasting his time on a smarmy magician instead of going after something more interesting like a beautiful partner - but the execution was... ho hum. You can tell I was right on this due to the ho-hum reaction from the commenting minions. However, I like the line: "David Copperfield. Nice." I also like the names Bootch and Chalmers. I can't ever come up with names when I write. Ever. And yet Chalmers and Bootch has a ring to it. Sort of a Starsky and Hutch kind of thing. Is it Chalmers and Bootch or Bootch and Chalmers? Or Kibbles and Bits?

I also have a very clear idea in my head about their two characters, which is weird, considering I just came up with a few mediocre lines about them. Chalmers is sort of a Charly Brown. Everyone likes him; he's nice; but he always screws up or gets taken advantage of. All of this has made him rather envious and greedy though. He'd go out of his way to show up Bootch, no matter the consequences. He wants to show that this time he's going to come out on top. But he never does. Bootch on the other hand is partly that guy we all love to hate. Arrogant, self-satisfied, things come easy to him. But at the same time, he's got the clearer head on his shoulders. He's going after things that are more important and, while Chalmers will screw up his life to get at Bootch, Bootch would never be so dumb. Actually, they kind of remind me of these two guys, well, at least in the competition.

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writtenwyrdd said...

It's really because you write some damn funny stuff. He never picks mine. Okay, not very often.