Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blogger Challenge Meme (paca

I have an idea that I'd like to try out here on blogger. I just did it to llama through email, but let's try it here as well.

The idea is to present a blogger friend with a challenge. The challenge is something that you think they'd enjoy doing, but you're pretty sure that they just never get around to it. The challenger must act as a friend, so the goal given to the challengee must be reasonable, and possibly enjoyable. It should also be fairly particular to them - nothing generic. For instance, if you think I'm hopelessly academic, my challenge might be to... go to a dance. (are there such things? or does it just mean a club when youre adult?) But remember the challenge has to be something you think they would enjoy. So if you know your husband hates dancing, then challenging him to a dance club just because he should like dancing isn't the idea. Instead, if your husband likes jazz but he hasn't heard any live in three years, then that might be a challenge. It could also be something edgier, but you have to keep their best interests in mind.

So, does anyone want to receive a paca challenge?

Since I am hoping to dole them out, I of course have to be willing to accept them. So if you have some idea for a challenge for me, send it my way.

I already have something in mind for -e if she's game, but I haven't worked the details out yet.



-E said...

go for it.

i'll have to ponder a challenge for you...

Killer Llama said...

I accept your challenge! And I'll do it and write about right after I finally read that short story you gave me...

The problem is motivation. Go see a traditional production? Yes, I'm sure I'd enjoy it... I'll keep an eye out for something. But unfortunately, realistically speaking, it'll probably take something more than an electronic challenge for me to re-engage in the Thai culture scene.

pacatrue said...

llama, you don't have to re-engage in Thai culture. just go see a 20 minute puppet show or something.

-e, i thought it would be super easy to give your challenge to you, but i'm having a hard time finding the right item. in fact, i lost an hour and a half to thinking "oh, i'll just find the thing for -e super fast." now, it's time to go home. anyway, challenge is on the way, but not here yet.