Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fair weather sports reporter 3 (paca)

In my continuing role as Fair Weather Sports Reporter guy, in which I only report sports news when things are going well, the Nashville Predators have once again this season moved into first place in the entire National Hockey League. I'm well aware that most casual sports fans are not aware that Nashville even has a hockey team, but that lack of fame doesn't prevent their number 1 status from being true. Things are really bunched up at the top, however. The Detroit Red Wings are only two points back. This means that with two Detroit wins (or a win and an OT loss) and a Nashville loss that the Predators could drop from 1st in the entire league to 4th in their conference alone. But the Predators do appear to be serious this year about going for the Cup. They just traded for Peter Forsberg from the Philadelphia Flyers (though he was most famous as a member of the Colorado Avalanche) who 4-5 years ago could be argued to be the greatest player in hockey that year. Unfortunately, that was the Forsberg of 5 years ago, not today.

We'll see. Since I have written this up, the Predators will certainly lose the next 4 games in a row.

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