Monday, February 12, 2007

Hawaii Trip Days Three and Four

For our new and honored guests.... crickets chirp... oh, no new guests... to bring you up to speed, your one and only super loving paca lives with the N and the B on the I..sle of O. A. hu. But, the N, the B, and the me took a 5 day trip to the Big Isle of Hawai'i in mid-January. Here are the pictures from Days Three and Four.

Day Three started off at the beach park right next to our hotel. It's mostly a snorkeling beach, but there's a bit of sand as well. A couple dinosaurs came along.

In case that wasn't enough water for an almost 4 year old, who is no longer almost, we went back to the hotel pool where they kindly left toys lying around for us as we didn't have any. Bewareth the ominous shadow standing overeth the innocent angeleth.

After our water extravaganza we headed into Kailua, the main town on the Kona coast. Along the way, however, we stopped for some car insurance.

When we got there, there was an entire car insurance store:

Tired of shopping for car insurance over and over, B tries to escape into a king's home.

It turns out that in Kailua, there's a beach as well. Whodathunkit? The paca gets cool with the cheap sunglasses he bought 5 minutes eariler due to being tired of squinting.

Attempting to get home, we get pseudo-lost and stumble upon a botanical garden. The view down:

And the piece de resistance, a quite nice family photo:


psst, let me tell you a secret. I started off thinking that all of this was one day and created the post that way. Then I realized that was impossible because it put me in two places at once. But I was too lazy to start over, and therefore, you ended with two days in one post. Shhh....

On Day Three, we had gone into Kailua because N wanted to "go see little shops". Kailua didn't really do that request properly, so we tried again on day four. This time, we headed into a little artsy town about 1000 feet up the mountain ridge from the Kona coast. It's nice homes, art galleries, and little coffee farms. Here are a couple pics of what the town looks like.

We also stopped for some more car insurance.

We then headed down the mountain again and went to this pseudo-industrial zone near the airport built on top of an old lava flow. The reason was to go to the Seahorse farm, where, yes, they actually breed sea horses. I wanted to bet my money on the bob-tailed nag marine-style, but their tour schedule didn't work with us - an hour of lecturing about sea horses seemed dubious to the young one, so we took off and went to... the BEACH! Surprise, a beach in Hawai'i.

I can recommend this beach. Drawback? It's right next to the airport, so jets literally fly over your head, but it's amazingly good if you have young children. Large waves hit a rock wall right there

But the rock wall stops all waves, and then behind it is this wide expanse of the calmest water you can have with tiny little fish and snails. The water never gets more than 4 feet deep and it's shallow enough in places that a baby could crawl around. It's also kind of rocky, so if you are a beach novice and don't like the icky sand between your toes - admit it some of you are like this; I was when I was a kid - you don't get any icky sand. At least not while in the water. Moreover, it isn't exactly crowded.

As a final stop for the day, there's a new desert park they are putting in. Hawaiians once had large aquaculture sites here and they are restoring some of them. But mostly, I just wanted to go out on this picture, because that statue guy frightens me.

As a final note, I wanted to remind everyone that this all happened in mid-JANUARY! Hah, take that, mainlanders!

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