Friday, February 23, 2007

Vader parodies (paca)

Here are a couple Darth Vader parodies I stumbled across looking for more Japanese children's programming. Yeah, I don't know how either.

UPDATE: Apparently, I have met Chad Vader. I was looking at the credits for it and noticed Aaron Yonda - who is Chad Vader himself. This name kept ringing a bell, and the more I saw it, the more I became pretty certain that Aaron Yonda and John Lee, another name there, were old buddies of my college roommate junior year, John. John, Aaron, and John (and others) used to write and create a cable access TV show (think Wayne's World) called Splu Urtaf. That gang came over from Wisconsin to Minnesota once to pick up John. (llama, this is the John that you met and that went on the great Twine Ball adventure with.) Anyway, I did a little research on Chad Vader and, yep, here's with a Chad Vader DVD. I went through the site but could find no evidence of my college buddy. John's a doctor now and came to my wedding in 98 - last time I saw him. It looks like his friends having been doing Splu now for 14-15 years. Just another weird coincidence in life. It's also evidence of my weird memory, because I haven't seen Splu Urtaf since 1994.

Darth Vader - Smart Ass

Darth Vader - Day Shift Manager

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katze said...

Ash is completely addicted to "Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager". In fact, that's what he dressed as for Halloween this past year.