Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why you don't put kids on the witness stand (paca)

B is only 4, but finding out what he did during the day is already like confronting a hostile witness as he ignores most questions about his activities. One game they often play with the college kids who take care of them is "monster" where one of the, sorry, not kids, uhhh college adults, let's just go with students chases them around the playground. There's one student who's mostly in charge on Friday afternoons, but I couldn't remember if her name was Angela or Heather.

Paca: Who was the monster? Was it Angela?
B: Yeah.
Paca: (not sure about the name): Was in Heather?
B: Yeah.
Paca: (hmmm, details are sounding dubious): was it Keoki?
B: Yeah.

The key here is that I just completely made up the name Keoki and I'm pretty sure there is no Keoki, though there is a greater chance of a Keoki here than back in Tennessee.

For the record, it remains a mystery who played monster that day. If monster was played at all. If B was even actually at school that day. If his actual name is B....


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Anonymous said...

mom says she never could answers out of u either, so, guess its payback, :-P