Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Working for the consulate (paca)

-e has been collecting a couple of terms for submission to the urban dictionary over at her blog. This includes the words lessonate and funjackal. I'd like to add my own one here, an urban idiom, which is:

working for the consulate of San Marino.

This can be shortened to simply "working for the consulate," "working for San Marino," and less frequently, "he's pulling a San Marino."

Definitions. 1) Most clearly used to say that someone has an unbelievable cushy job. 2) Describes doing work that is work in name only: everyone knows that this supposed job is really just a way to relax and live the good life. When used, the phrase conveys an attitude of good-natured envy on the part of the speaker. Also used, 3) when someone is able to obtain the easiest chore that is possible in a set of chores being handed out. When you are scrubbing stacks and stacks of Thanksgiving dishes and your brother somehow lands the job that only seems to involve a lot of wine and flirting with your cousin's new girlfriend, then your brother is "working for the consulate." 4) The phrase can also be applied to those people who seem to go from one amazing "employment" to another with no effort. The guy who barely passed law school who ends up earning $150,000 a year doing space law in the South Pacific is "working for the consulate." Bootch of Bootch and Chalmers fame is someone who works for the consulate.

Etymology. When driving along the southern coast of the island of Oahu in the state of Hawai'i, one rounds the ocean-facing slope of Diamond Head Crater and sees a large seaside estate, which is the Consulate for the Most Serene Republic of San Marino. The republic of San Marino has a total population of 28,000 people. It is hard to imagine that they need an individual consulate in Hawai'i at all, much less, a multi-million dollar complex in one of the wealthiest sections in the United States. It's clear to all that this is the perfect made up job and that the internal battles in San Marino to become the "consul" for Hawaii constitute one of the nation's major pastimes.


bunnygirl said...

I have a friend from high school who got a job like that making $50K USD and working for some Venezuelan agency on Aruba, house and staff included. My friend's parents were some sort of important Venezuelan people with connections.

But that was in the early 90s. Things are likely different now, but I'm sure it was fun while it lasted.

Since you came around my blog with a mythological reference, have I got a blog for you! Check out my recent discovery: Under Odysseus

It's good. Really good. Enjoy!

katze said...

This is TOTALLY my new favorite expression