Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wow, this is just.. just... (paca)

A classmate of mine (Kaori) who knows my sense of humor sent these to me. Wow, did she get it right.

Where to begin in all the wonderment that is Pitagora Suichi!

Sing it! Pitagora Suichi!

Can't sing it yet? Well, if you take the time to watch these videos, you will be able to soon. What I'm ranting about is an educational / children's show in Japan: Pitagora Suichi or Pythagoras Switch. One thing they feature is a whole series of those little contraptions where a ball rolls into a cup which triggers a pulley which moves a lever which makes the bucket tip over which... rolls across a sign reading Pitagora Suichi. Watch a collection of them here:

Pythagoras Switch - Rube Goldberg machines

Ah, but the little machines are nothing compared to the glory of...

Arugorizumu Taiso!!

Algorithm March. Here's the basic version.

Arugorizumu Taiso - Simple

Not funny yet, right. So far, it's just kinda odd. Ah, but would it be funny if you added a few bus tour guides?

Arugorizumu Taiso avec Tour Guides

OK, so you are only slightly amused. Well, then I'll see your bus tour guides and raise you one Japanese Polar Research Team! (I keep thinking about the movie Happy Feet watching this.)

Arugorizumu Taiso avec Polar Research Team

Hmmm. Not enought? How about.... Dancing Sony Robots!

Arugorizumu Taiso avec dancing robots

OK, you didn't find that funny, either. You are a tough customer, a hard cookie to crack, but, oh, I will amuse. Yes, I will.

NINJAS!!! (skip to 1:00 in if you can't wait for ninjas).

Arugorizumu March - Ninjas

Ah yes. I win.

But in case you were still wondering how exactly this is educational, here is another segment where the little girl, Kanoko-chan, calls out syllables to use and the father puts them into a word or phrase.

Father switch segment of Pitagora Suichi

"OK, fine," you say, "Slightly amusing to me and slightly educational to Kanoko-chan, but what did I learn from this?"

I bet you learned more than you realize. For instance, you now know the word Wari. "No, I don't," you protest. To which I say, go watch the Marches a few more times.

Arugorizumu Taiso Wari!

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i used to think i was outside the box, i think ur way past me dear brother.