Monday, March 12, 2007

Aim High (paca)

Last night around 2:00 AM, I was wandering through the kitchen when I thought, "If I was king of the world and could have anything I wanted right now, it'd be a bag of Fritos. The scoop ones. And some Ranch dip."

Aim high.



writtenwyrdd said...

Ah, have you been watching The Secret, paca? (the Rejector just had a rant about it.)

December Quinn said...

I like Fritos with chili. Yummm.

The PTA used to provide Fritos and chili in a bowl for every school function. They called them "pepper bellies".

pacatrue said...

Where I grew up, chili with Fritos was called Chili Pie and it was a regular at the little league baseball park concession stand - Chili Pie and a snow cone.