Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brushing your teeth (paca)

This is an honest question that I do not know the answer to.

I have always assumed that what brushing your teeth did for you was get all the junk off of them - sugar, acid, etc. So, if one forgets that one just brushed one's teeth and an hour later eats a handful of cheese nips and drinks some acidic Diet Pepsi, just to name a couple random things off the top of my head that I certainly did not just consume, have you just undone all of your teeth brushing work completely? Or was there still a little benefit to it?


bunnygirl said...

Interesting question. You could be using those very brain cells to study for comps, you know. ;-)

I think brushing does some good, regardless of whether you eat afterwards or not, sort of like mopping the floor helps, even though you'll just walk on it again as soon as it's dry.

But I've read that the biggest hazard to your teeth is the time when you're asleep, because you've got nothing circulating in your mouth, and any icky stuff in there will stagnate. Therefore, the most important time to brush is right before going to bed. Any other time is good too, but bedtime is critical.

Or so I've read. Can't believe everything you read, of course, but it makes sense to me.

And as an aside, I recommend Tom's of Maine toothpaste. After using it, anything else feels like you're brushing your teeth with sugar (even though it's saccarine).

Anonymous said...

i never eat for at least 3-4 hrs after brushing, so for example, i brush after breakfast , however, the most important thing to remeber is this. if one brushes their teeth correctly, ie. 2 min brushing total with each 1/4 section for 30 secs at a 45 degree angle. this angle allows u to massage the gums as well to help prevent ginavitus. if one actully removes all plaque from the teeth at brushing, then one only has to brush the teeth once a day (ie. 24 hrs). it takes 24 hrs for plaque to turn into tartar. tartar is the hard buildup that ur dentist scrapes off.

otherthings add to tartar build up as well. like dad, i build it up very quickly, and i'm a mouth breather. i have ginavitus, (bleeding of the gums) and have my teeth cleaned every 2 months. i'm working my way up to every 6 months.

but i think i'm about to move up to 3 months casue i started useing the listerine plaque detector. the cool ganet blue stuff made for kids that apprently most stats show adults use more. its has helped a tremedous deal. u rinse it before brushing, spit it out, and it shows u were all ur plaque is by turning it blue, brush till the blue is gone. also, mom got me a sonic toothbrush for my birthday.

anyways, for a simpler answer. it doesn't matter when u brush ur teeth. before or after eating. that all depends if u don't mind the food on ur teeth. or bad breath.

long answer from the sis :-)

-E said...

Amen on the toms toothpaste. we use the kids silly strawberry. Love it.

writtenwyrdd said...

Flossing is more important because the stuff between your teeth leads to gum disease and bone loss as you get older. (I learned teh bone loss thing the hard way.) So always floss and brush at least before bed if not more often. Really, I brush twice a day, morning and night.

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