Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Eating your vegies (paca)

B, who is 4 and a couple months, has always been an amazing fruit eater - raisins, bananas, apples, grapes, pinapple, cherries, fruit cups of peaches and pears. Apples are probably his favorite food and he chows the whole thing down, skin and all, no pansy peeling and slicing and such. : ) He even used to munch on jicama regularly over at his old auntie's. But we've never had great success on actual vegetables ever since he grew out of the strained and creamed variety. However, we've had more luck lately. Some of the progress has been technique on our part. After the helping of yummy cheesey rice, he has to taste something else on his plate to get any more. This "tasting" can start with simply touching it with your tongue, and then it slowly builds up to actually eating a bite or two. After that, we don't press it, since I don't think turning vegetables into a screaming or crying or moping fit is going to help long term. Actually, he's not forced to eat a bite, but he doesn't get anything else until he tries it. But through this technique, he has been eating a little more.

The other, much bigger success has been making the vegetables more interesting. He eats corn on the cob now, and the key there was buying corn holders, which he thought were just super ultimately cool. He gets to choose the color for everyone's ear of corn, and this peaks his interest. He still started off only putting the corn to his lips, but eventually he sank his teeth in and now will eat the ear of corn before the roll on his plate. We've also had huge success with brocolli. I'm not sure if this was us or someone at school, but brocolli is now "brocolli trees" and he likes the idea of eating trees. He ate an entire crown of the stuff by himself recently.

The most bizarre thing that he doesn't eat is potatoes. Oh, he'll eat fries no problem and has not branched out to tater tots, but mashed potatoes, sliced potatoes, etc., he won't touch. I've never heard of a kid who wouldn't eat mashed potatoes. What of that?


December Quinn said...

My Princess won't eat mashed potatoes either. My Faery doesn't eat fries, which is amazing to me.

Cheesy rice? Do tell!

pacatrue said...

Ha. Cheesy rice is one of those boxes, like a Rice-a-roni box or the other mixes, like Cheddar rice or 4 cheese blend, etc. I've added cheese to noodles and potatoes before when I cooked from scratch, but I don't think it's ever occurred to me to actually drop a lump of cheese into some rice I was steaming. It seems to be a box thing.

And how old are Princess and Faerie?